The Universe Multi-tasks Better Than You

A lot has been happening recently – and I’m thoroughly enjoying the serendipity of it all.    My friend’s short film “Recession” that I had a hand in has been accepted into the Holly shorts film festival coming up next month. The web-series I was cast in months ago, La Verdad, is seeing forward movement again, with me now playing a new, more physically demanding role.   I’m even hearing a commercial I did a year ago in Austin is still airing on several Internet sites.

And all of this is the opening act for the main event for me right now – my demo reel.   The specifics are getting arranged, but the magic is already happening.

It’s been over a year since the big shift I had in Austin – and while my time there post-re-awakening was amazing in its own right, I find that where I am now, a year on that new path, that so much has changed.   So much is continuing to change for the better.

Expansion flows, the alignment strengthens, the vibration continues to raise – not with the abrupt paradigm shift that happened back then, but in much more comfortable, incremental movements that are no less profound. They come with more nuanced adjustments, more details to play with, even as we feel our lives may be getting more complex.

As with any creative project, there are many different moving parts that are always in some degree of flux, from start to finish.   In the case of my demo reel, having written or selected the seven scenes I’m using, I’m now bringing together the specific and various elements involved: the cast and crew for each scene (a dozen people and counting), finding the right locations, the proper equipment, and working with everyone schedules.   All of this, of course, in service of the central reason for this entire endeavor: to showcase a wide variety of the characters that I most want to play, to the best my acting ability, in scenes I’ve scripted and shot to the best of my writing and directing ability.

I asked for this.   I’ve known I wanted to be doing this for many years.   And now, I’m doing it.   It’s complex, to be sure, but I love it that way, and my spiritual focus remains pulsing throughout.   In fact it’s become even deeper. Not only do I know that we are not given more than we can handle, but I was also led to this endeavor, in no uncertain terms, by my own intuitive guidance.   I have all the spiritual confirmation that I require.

So the new game I’ve been playing with in the midst of all this, has been in keeping my focus on the elements of my creative endeavors that are flowing to me right now, while trusting that the others are still lining up for me, still falling into place.

There’s a natural desire we have, especially in the middle of such complexity, to forget the present moment, this present detail in concern for a future one. We say, “Okay, this part is lined up, but what about that other thing?”   But it is in these moments especially where we must take a deep breath and remember our greatest, most authentic self; remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

This moment is one of our creation.   We wanted it, we planned for it, the cooperative elements and co-creators are coming together for it.   All that’s left is to remember who we really are, and delight in the joy of this experience coming into being.   It’s delicious.   Make sure you savor every bite of it.

“But let go now?   In the middle of this difficult, challenging moment?”


The Universe is in a constant state of the most magnificently intricate,  perfect synchronicity of movement –  far, far beyond the peak of human understanding.   It can handle your one little human project that you think is so complex.

Let go and trust it to do so.

Move forward with inspired action.   When you feel struggle, pull back from that aspect and re-direct onto another that is flowing easily right now.   When you do, you bring your full creative presence to the task at hand, and you open yourself up to receiving intuitions of far better solutions than the ones you were struggling to find.

Our inspiration is rarely a full-color surround-sound type of experience.   We may get an image or two, but if you let it, the feeling of it is enough to guide us towards the clearer view.   That feeling – that fleeting image you get in an inspired moment – is a taste, it’s a sample of the vibration of the creation you have called into being.   It’s real.  It already exists.   Let it call you.

Tune yourself to living that reality – here  and now, and you become a match to it; you’ve begun attracting that experience.   What you’ll find, when it arrives, is that it’s bigger, better, and more beautiful than you knew it could be.   It’s the difference between looking at a photo of a tropical paradise, and being there.   You’re immersed in the manifestation of your creation.

So whether you are giving life to the vision you want to bring about, or reveling in the moments of its unfolding manifestation, remember to live the joy of it all.

After all, isn’t that why we’re here?