The Big Picture & The Path of Least Resistance

Often times in the doing what we need to get by, we can get so caught up in it all that we lose sight of the bigger picture.   And it can definitely be a challenge, in the midst of the details towards the grander vision of what we want our lives to be, to keep our eyes on the prize and not get distracted.   In those moments, it is especially important to re-connect with that vision.

Ideally, doing this every day is best.   Spending time seeing that future scenario as you want to see it is the strongest way to go, assuming you’re wanting to bring those life conditions to you quicker. I know I certainly am.

And what this practice also does is keep you able to discern when you are off track.   If I’m on “step 2” and my “step 10” is a lead role on a cable drama series, I understand that there are a lot of rungs between where I currently stand and where I will soon be.   I understand that there will be facets of achieving that milestone that will look very different than the big picture.   But knowing what my big picture looks like, in as much detail as I can imagine, with as much regular rehearsal of that experience as I can give, provides me with a level of discernment in determining whether I am progressing in that direction or climbing onto a different ladder altogether.   The rehearsing of the Big Picture as I want it to be trains my intuition.

It’s been said that one should devote one’s time and energy to ONE bigger goal at a time.   And while I agree that a scattered mind does not serve us at all, knowing the mosaic of elements of our bigger picture engages us more deeply, and we don’t feel as if we are sacrificing other areas of our lives for the sake of the one.   All too commonly we find ourselves putting everything else on hold while we attempt to get one aspect like relationships or career “handled.”

I see the strengths in being fully present and focused on the singular task at hand, but my grandest vision of where my life is headed is anything but one-dimensional.   I know, for instance, that eventually I’ll be acting in my own films, and in the pursuit of becoming a known, established actor between now and then, why wouldn’t I also be writing those films in anticipation of the right moment of bringing them out?   We are multifaceted beings, and the more we involve all of those facets in envisioning the life we most want to live, the more we become the greatest, most expansive version of who we really are.

I signed on with a mentoring program this week.   In my continual daily asking for rendezvous with other like-minded people, as well as the circumstances and encounters that align with my core desires, my field of view opens to much that I might not have considered before.   I’m sure I’ll speak more of this particular mentor in future posts, but suffice it to say that he has already achieved a big part of what I am reaching for career-wise.   There is an opportunity here for me to grow, to expand my knowledge of this business, and to bring about my greater career vision sooner rather than later.

If my daily meditation/contemplation on massive career success is truly the powerful point of attraction that I know it to be, then rendezvous like this are not just happenstance.   People want to label manifestation and law of attraction as some kind of new-age flights of fancy, but in practice, it is more simply choosing what we want to focus upon, being aware of  what is around us, and taking action when those opportunities present themselves.   The Universe will find the path of least resistance to bring these things to us, through our own filters of what we expect to find.

If  I am to really THINK BIG, I must open myself up to that which comes to me, even and especially if it seems a bit “outside the norm.”   After all, the norm is essentially more of life as it is right now.   I appreciate where I am, but I also acknowledge that in moving forward, much of my present condition is temporary.   The less resistance I give to encountering these rendezvous that set my career path on the fast track, the sooner I get to where I’m going.

And in the spirit of thinking big, I leave you with this simple but powerful quote, naturally, from Abraham-Hicks:

“If this time/space reality has inspired within you a desire, this time/space reality has the power and the willingness and the capacity to yield it to you fully.”