Nima G.

I had a very exciting session with Darrell. I was feeling unclear about some big decisions I was making in the areas of love, career and finances. He made me feel very comfortable in asking whatever questions I wanted to ask. I often had to take some time to become clear on my questions and I never felt rushed – he patiently gave me the space I needed. Once I posed my questions, he took his time to ensure he understood clearly what it was that I wanted to know, asking follow up questions to get clarification where necessary. What came next was truly remarkable. He helped me see clearly how the lens from which I was viewing my impasses was narrower than it had to be. He showed me other wise perspectives that expanded the ways in which I could take action and move forward with my life. I left our session with a feeling of distinct clarity and peace on the road ahead. In fact, I just listened to the recording of our session, more than two months later, and am feeling newly inspired. Thank you Darrell!

Last Modified on June 7, 2017
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