I used the services of Darrell shortly after meeting him at a workshop in October 2016. We had an on-line session of almost an hour, which was stunning. Basically, I asked two questions (from unrelated areas of my life) to him, and they were answered. For the first one, I got a very good answer based on spiritual growth principles, but overall it evolved expectedly. That answer helped me with my decision making process regarding that subject. 

For the second question, we moved to completely unexpected terrain for 30 to 40 minutes! The answers I got were again based on spiritual growth principles, but this time, when we were done, we were so far from where we started. The deep emotional/spiritual exploration brought me into tears at one point at the beginning (I am a burly man!), and oh- it was awakening. I’d say that not in a million years I would come to this point of such a clear understanding without this session. In summary, I hugely benefited from this session. We really don’t know how this works, and yet it works in a way. I suggest you to try Darrell’s services, nothing to lose. He is a calm, confident, good person whom you can trust and open to. 

Disclosure: This reading was offered to me with no financial expectation, after which I made a donation without hesitation. Darrell is now a close friend of mine, however at the time of the reading we weren’t friends.


Last Modified on June 7, 2017
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