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Before this reading, I had literally not the slightest clue what to expect from a channeling session. I’m definitely a natural skeptic, so this was very outside my casual thinking domain. It blew my mind even further when I heard this was done through Skype. What?? Again, cleaving my expectations into bits. 

At the same time, I always remind myself of how little I actually know. I’ve been wrong plenty of times, lots of times about things I never thought I would have been wrong about. This is the kind of thing that’s entirely what you make of it. If you think it’s woo woo, then it will be.

Because I had no expectations, I had no habits, thoughts, or canned formalities to fall back on or think about. I was purely in “whatever happens, happens” mode. This meant that before I asked each question, instead of waiting for my turn to speak or trying to analyze everything, I was devoting all of my conscious energy to taking everything in. Finally, this resulted in the direction I wanted to take the conversation being obvious at all times, but never rigid. It was a weird, but amazing balance.

The questions didn’t feel like questions, though. They just felt more like layers. Each time I consciously asked a question, I peeled back a layer into a different train of thought. That shifted it to something else, and the same thing would happen again. Rinse and repeat, until I had the answer to the original question, but 3 more questions to replace it. Good questions. Questions that indirectly answered other questions.

By the time we finished, I felt a sense of resolve. A “well, now you know!” kind of feeling.

If, like me, you walk in expecting to learn, understand, and receive, then that’s what you’ll get.

Last Modified on June 7, 2017
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