James M. Torres

I did not know what to expect when I signed up for a channeling session with Darrell but it was truly a life changing experience, both personally and professionally.  In preparation for the session I wrote down a series of questions that I felt I needed a bit more clarity on and in every instance the Guides enhanced my understanding of the situation even to the point of illuminating my own personal motivations.  One of the more pivotal circumstances involved a discussion I planned to have with my boss regarding my pay and the flexibility I wanted from my work schedule going forward.  I had planned to approach the conversation from a very numbers oriented (and scarcity based, win-win or no deal) perspective but the Guides illuminated my own desire to maintain the relationships I had established, give my boss space to process this sudden change in me, and co-create a transition that would work for everyone.  Rather than arguing about hourly rates I simply explained the situation as honestly and vulnerably as I could and the results were phenomenal.  Decisions in other areas of my life were similarly impacted in a positive manner due to the deeper understanding I obtained during the session.  More than anything else I felt like the session really helped me to move past my nagging doubts and take heart-centered positive actions almost immediately upon completion.  I feel like this experience would be highly beneficial for anyone mulling over a decision or seeking clarity on an issue and I give it my highest recommendation!

Last Modified on June 7, 2017
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