Christine V.

I wanted to share my feedback concerning the channeling session. I have waited a while before writing it but I can tell you how much this session was precious for me – even if I haven’t reaped all the benefits of it yet.

It provided me with clarity about the situations I am facing and the problems I am struggling with since years.

I was surprised by the answers I received, very simple and accurate ; some of them are very simple truths which I already know but I was not aware of how they apply to me.

I received key informations about my emotions, about their meaning and how I can deal with them

Also Darrell recommended me some very simple exercises and practices in order to take action and begin moving on. I firmly intend to make my world move based on these practices.

I definitely recommend Darrell’s sessions.

Also Darrell, let me say that you are one of the most supportive persons I know, and one of those who inspire me to great confidence.

Hugs to you!



Last Modified on June 7, 2017
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