Yvan A.

Ok stop right here: why are you reading these testimonials ? Are you looking for some kind of proof that it’s going to work for you ? What does my experience -or the following ones on that page- have to do with you ? I did have a very positive experience of my session with […]

Kemila Zsange

I thoroughly enjoyed a channelled session with Darrell and “They”. I asked questions on professional and personal levels. I felt “they” had this amazing ability to cut to the chase and get right to the point. Not only did I receive valid information and confirmation but also “they” took me to a new level – […]

Nima G.

I had a very exciting session with Darrell. I was feeling unclear about some big decisions I was making in the areas of love, career and finances. He made me feel very comfortable in asking whatever questions I wanted to ask. I often had to take some time to become clear on my questions and […]

Broderick Durisseau

I was fortunate enough to have a channeled reading with Darrell about 2 and half months ago.  The information I received from that session completely reshaped my life for the better. I dropped so much baggage and clutter from my life and began to focus on what excited me.  Life is lighter now, so I […]

Joshua M.

Before this reading, I had literally not the slightest clue what to expect from a channeling session. I’m definitely a natural skeptic, so this was very outside my casual thinking domain. It blew my mind even further when I heard this was done through Skype. What?? Again, cleaving my expectations into bits.  At the same […]


I used the services of Darrell shortly after meeting him at a workshop in October 2016. We had an on-line session of almost an hour, which was stunning. Basically, I asked two questions (from unrelated areas of my life) to him, and they were answered. For the first one, I got a very good answer […]

Christine V.

I wanted to share my feedback concerning the channeling session. I have waited a while before writing it but I can tell you how much this session was precious for me – even if I haven’t reaped all the benefits of it yet. It provided me with clarity about the situations I am facing and […]

Quinn Hood

I’ve seriously doubted and questioned the idea of channeling my entire life. But whoever I talked to during Darrell’s reading sure seemed to have a lot of valuable insight. It was like getting an instruction manual on the way our universe works. And as I asked some of my deepest questions, the responses I got back intuitively made sense. It felt as if they were […]

Walter Freiberg

Darrell helped me to gain clarity about an important issue I had with a professional transition. In our channeling session he connected very quickly with a higher intuition that conducted the meeting. It was a powerful experience. It made me think deeply about where I am right now in that aspect of my life, and […]

Ann W.

I had the privilege of receive a 20 min channeled reading with Darrell.  This was my first time having a channeled reading session so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Darrell was so friendly and professional.  He made me feel very comfortable with the entire process.  He took a few moments to connect and once he […]