Private Channeling Sessions with the Guides are now available.

Intuitive Readings are back! Here’s how to get the most out of your private session with the Guides:

Before our session, you’ll want to write down a list of questions to ask – it can be about anything that is personally relevant to you. Take your time in making this list. You may want to initially write down more questions than you will have time for, then read over your list a few times and narrow it down from there. If you feel so inspired, you can meditate to explore the possible questions you’d like to ask. This can often bring you some answers, as well as more relevant questions! Here are some examples…

  • Should I engage in, or pursue a new career move, business, or personal relationship?
  • Where will I most likely be in one, two, or more years?
  • How do I quickly heal physical, mental, or spiritual challenges I am facing?
  • How do I keep myself energized, young at heart, spirit, and body for as long as I desire?
  • How do I strongly intuit and influence my life situation and my future in a positive way?
  • How do I maintain inner peace, no matter what challenging situation I may be facing?
  • What are the real intentions of the person or group I am dealing with?
  • What is the best way to deal with a person or group and influence them toward harmony?
  • Years ago something strange happened to me (a dream, a vision, a feeling, or an experience). What was that about?
  • How can I meet my spirit guides?
  • How can I improve my intuitive or psychic abilities?
  • I‘ve always been interested in (name any subject). Can we explore this in depth?

It’s a good idea to write out your list of questions (in order of importance to you) and have it at the ready during our session as we may not be able to address them all.

Pay attention to your intuitive flashes and dreams before our appointment. Write them down as well, as we may find them to be very relevant in our session together. If you do not already meditate its a good time to start. The clearer your mind, the better your session will be.

We are now offering 3 different options to select from:

 You can click the links above to find out more details or schedule your session. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me.