Reflections in Subjective Reality

I am presently halfway through a very unique challenge that I was inspired to create based on Bentinho Massaro’s 2-hour challenge. Essentially, this involves a two hour period wherein, at the top of every minute, you intentionally think the best feeling thought you have access to, for a minimum of 10 seconds. The difference is, instead of doing this once, I’m doing this every day for 30 days straight. It has already been immensely powerful.

In fact, there have been far too many insights and epiphanies that have resulted from this challenge than can be expressed in a solitary blog post.

So today, I’m focusing on one single facet that has come up during my two hour sessions, namely, that all of our physical reality (and everything in it) is a symbol for something specific in our soul’s journey.

This awareness is yet another layer of our own personal reality, providing a deeper perspective, available to those who seek it. Essentially, where you are at and what you are currently engaged in is a metaphor, and can bring a greater understanding of your own life, if you wish to use it in that way.

These two hour sessions can be extremely blissful, and during one of my sessions, one of many 18 wheelers pulled up behind the grocery store nearby my apartment. I hear them frequently, and I was curious what they could possibly represent to me, why I was manifesting these in my reality. An answer came:

“These represent the truckloads of abundance that are flowing to you, relentlessly, like clockwork, day after day after day.”


When the message is pleasing, receiving and assimilating these insights is pretty easy, provided that you embrace this general metaphorical concept. What is far more challenging is when the things/events/people show up who are generally less welcome than a truckload of abundance.

Now before we go deeper, let’s get something out of the way: this exploration goes beyond all the objective reasons for why this event or that circumstance might be occurring. I’m not saying there aren’t reasons for them, nor am I saying that objective reality is an invalid perspective. Not at all.

What I am saying is that this post (and this blog) is a deep dive into the idea that you, as a soul experiencing this physical life, are presently exploring a theme (or themes).

You chose many different challenges when selecting the themes of your life on this physical plane. Everything has its related challenges. This is unavoidable, and more to the point, supportive of the experience of the theme itself.

Each theme is meant to inspire within us what we need to overcome its challenges, or to release what is not relevant, and integrate more of our greater selves into our physical lives. Once you reach the level of understanding and integration of the lessons/challenges inherent in a given theme, you move onto the next theme. And here is the important part:

What you learned from the past thematic experience – the lessons and solutions to those challenges – will not be relevant to the new theme. They will not directly correlate.

Yes, you will make use of facets of them, re-organized and reconstituted, to address the new challenges, but you will find that you will need to discover within yourself an entirely new way to handle the new challenges. You will not be able to “copy/paste” the solutions from the challenges of the previous theme into those of the new theme.

So, with the knowledge that what shows up in my life is a symbol of my soul’s journey, and a reflection of some aspect of myself, let’s explore this further:

Let’s say, in one of my social groups, that there exists someone who irritates me, and “gets under my skin.” However I may feel about them in any given moment, I have to acknowledge that they are there to reflect an aspect of myself that is currently relevant for me, currently irritating to me, and currently asking for my attention.

So let’s say that this person is irritating because they are constantly giving excuses as to why the solutions presented to challenges in their life just will not work, and so they remain “stuck.” They present their countless challenges to the group, countless solutions are offered to them, and they respond with endless reasons why none of those could work.

Now, from an ego level, viewing this from an objective reality viewpoint, I could say this person is irritating because they are unwilling to change, despite asking for help in changing. This person is absorbing energy and time from those offering the solutions, and not integrating anything offered, as well as slowing down and draining the energy of those who care to still offer solutions.

But none of the above “reasons” for their being irritating address the fact that I manifested this person into my experience. They are here. And they are here because I put them here, in my reality.

It can be easy to fall into the illusion of objective reality (yes, I said illusion), as well as the idea that outside circumstances and events just happen to you, but this idea strips you of the ability to do anything about them.

There is nothing random about what you encounter; nothing haphazard, nothing extra, nothing that is “filler.” You put it there. All of it. You set up the rendezvous with all the others you meet, whether they are uplifting or aggravating.

It’s all an orchestration, for your benefit, by your design.

This perspective requires you to be accountable. It requires you to take ownership of your own choices, and take stock of what is showing up in your environment. It requires you to acknowledge the actual reason that you are irritated: that this person is a reflection of you that you don’t want to see.

And the degree to which they irritate you directly correlates to two things:

1 – how important it is that you integrate this lesson now (rather than later), and 

2 – how much resistance you are giving to the idea of integrating this lesson.

Recognizing that you created everything in your reality, and that all that shows up is a reflection, a symbol of some aspect of you – is only the beginning. This recognition is the classroom, and the lesson begins when you ask yourself, “Why?”

“Why is this person here?”

“What is the lesson about myself that they are here, now, to reflect and reveal to me?”

“Why am I resisting this lesson? What am I getting out of denying myself the benefit of this awareness?

Typically, it’s because we are holding on to a smaller self-identity, a limited self-definition, because we believe it serves us. Usually, that’s because we’ve bought into the idea that playing small “protects” us from those moments we wish to avoid: the feeling, the sting, the pain you don’t want to feel. But it doesn’t protect us. It just prevents us from addressing the challenges of what is yet to come.

The fact is, we may be stung, or we may not, but it is not the actual pain – it’s the fear of feeling the pain of that sting that is keeping us from aligning with our truest selves. In many cases, the actual sting amounts to a minor irritant at best – nothing that actually warrants running away in fear.

What if instead, we chose to move through life fearlessly – not recklessly, but with far more presence, far more acceptance, embracing the idea that whatever comes is here as a reflection, a teacher, a symbol of some aspect of ourselves that needs addressing?

What if, through our own personal exploration and excavation, we could begin to see the edges of the artifact being unearthed, the priceless discovery of self-awareness coming to the surface of our perception?

And what if, once the full awareness of this lesson became a part of us again, we could know a wholeness of self that could not have been achieved without it?

Through my own irritating, aggravating reflection that I found in this person, I discovered that part of me that repeatedly says, “I wish I could, but I can’t,” for any number of made-up, fearful, bullshit reasons and justifications masquerading as relevant, masquerading as valid, masquerading as somehow more important than my being the greatest version of me, my most authentic self, for the short time that I have on this physical plane.

And to that aspect of myself, with understanding, with unconditional love, with compassion, I whisper this truth –

Yes you fucking can.