Ready, Fire, Aim

Every day I spend roughly 25 minutes in contemplation.   It varies day to day in the particulars, but the gist is the same- I give thanks and appreciation in specific detail, and ask the Universe for clarity and for the guidance to bring my thoughts into alignment with that which I wish to create and experience.   It’s a powerful start to one’s day and I highly recommend it.  

One of those items of contemplation that I’ve touched on here before, is that I always ask for rendezvous with other like-minded individuals.   I can, after all, be as spiritually connected as the Dalai Lama, but I must, and I very much want to live in THIS real, physical world, and maximize the experience of being here.   In order for events to take place, and unfold in the way that facilitates the manifestation of my success and my goals being reached involves OTHER people.   After all, what more delicious way to reach a long sought-after goal than through a genuine connection with another human being?   Whether these people will come into my life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime remains to be seen- but that’s the mystery of it, and for me, much of the fun!

With this being one of the daily ideas I focus upon, it shapes my perspective with every new interaction I come in contact with.   Where jaded eyes once were, excitement and adventure are now my filter for seeing the world.   Who is around the next corner?   How will we resonate together?   In what ways will even old relationships be revitalized and produce new fruit? 

One such individual I have rendezvoused with is my commercial acting teacher, Coach Mike.   There is a strong resonance that I feel with him, where he’s coming from, the integrity there, and his vision of cutting through the b.s. to achieve success in a forward-moving, leave-procrastination-in-the-dust sort of way.   His class – while being a place for learning new skills and polishing those I already possess – is a positive environment for me to connect with my own purpose, and to feel the downstream flowing motion of my career in action.

So, in pursuit of my goal of booking 3 national commercials this year, I am sitting in his class, soaking up that energy.   And as the last few minutes of class arrives, the topic of the forthcoming agent showcase comes up.   Leading up to this, my plan was to be fully prepared before I submitted to any agents.   I would have new commercial headshots all printed up, resume redone,  have the benefits of 8 weeks of training under my belt, all homework completed, and my new skills well-practiced and ready to show off- and THEN I would approach agents.

Now, in my pursuit of living my Life Ablaze with purpose-driven perspective, one of the challenges that I find myself facing from time to time is when I come upon old patterns of thought.   While I am now possessed of a clarity of focus that eluded me in years past, I still bump up against these old routines and old ways of thinking that don’t serve me any longer- assuming they ever did.    One of these is the need for everything to be perfect before I take action.   Procrastination.

Obviously, there just simply isn’t any room for that in a purpose-driven life.   Life moves- it is a river that churns forward, and standing on the bank waiting for the safest, best, or most perfect time to push your boat into the water amounts to nothing less than WASTING this life, because as we all know, that perfect moment will never come.

And yet, knowing this, I still have the hard-wired desires to put my best foot forward, make a great first impression, come prepared, get my ducks in a row, and REPRESENT!   All of which are useful, great ideas- right up until the point that you make a choice in a particular moment to STOP your forward momentum in order to get things better set up first.

This is an old thought-pattern of mine.   At one time in my life, I could successfully talk myself out of taking any risk at all, which of course, guaranteed to root me to that spot, with no chance of forward progress.   So if I am READY to launch myself forward in my career and my life in general, I must let go of this need to take the time to AIM that rocket with sniper-rifle precision before I FIRE.

Momentum is what we’re after here, forward flowing momentum towards success, like the proverbial snowball  building speed and gathering power as it rumbles down the hill, until all is swept up in it, and no opposition stands a chance against it.   This momentum cannot be achieved when we take the time to stop and make sure everything is perfect first.   We need to get READY, FIRE, and then AIM.   Our journey need not, and cannot match the arc of a bullet’s trajectory.   Unlike that bullet, we get to make as many course-corrections as we need mid-flight.

So in that moment, there at the end of Coach Mike’s class, where my old thought pattern had popped up and my mind began an inner  holographic display of all the prerequisites necessary before I take action, my intuition lit up like a Christmas tree.   I was reminded that those were the vestiges of the OLD thought patterns, the ones from that other guy who never accomplished his dreams, the one that never really got that snowball rolling down the hill.  

Well, he doesn’t fucking live here any more.

Needless to say, tomorrow I’ll be auditioning in my first commercial agent showcase, and trusting that my AIM, as I make the course-corrections between now and then, will in fact, be true.

Last Modified on June 3, 2017
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