Something very special has been happening to me lately.   In the last couple of years since my spiritual reawakening, my journey has led me to some interesting places within, and now, it is happening virtually every day.   My development and understanding of vibration has reached a broader, fuller degree of awareness, and I’ve begun to find myself – virtually all the time – in what I can best describe as a waking meditative state.

Vibration, I know, is not something that’s typically discussed, and is a bit outside the norm for most people, but I’ve found it to be a very empowering concept that warrants further exploration.   When one is hurrying to get somewhere on time, struggling to get something done, or arguing to be understood, there is a feeling that comes with each of these things – a  vibration to that.   Now by comparison, if you’re walking along the beach, feeling the ocean waves crashing at your feet, contemplating the vastness of the ocean, or basking in the beauty of the sunset, there is a wholly different feeling to these experiences – a  different vibration.

And while there is a wide range of different specifics and nuances in our feelings (as it is with our vibration), when we are in the midst of anything that feels good to us, we are activating a vibration that moves us towards everywhere we most want to be and magnetizes all that we want to us.   If we aren’t feeling good, we are actively engaged in slowing down or keeping what we most want at arm’s-length indefinitely.

The distinction here is that it’s not the specific activity – it’s the feeling of the activity we are experiencing while we are engaged in it that matters.  That feeling is either in alignment with all that you really are, all that feels good to you, or it’s not.   The end does not justify the means – how you feel in the midst of doing anything is a glimpse of how you will feel at it’s completion.   Your feelings are your guide.

This does not mean that one has to hold a gleeful ear to ear smile on one’s face 24-7.   Not at all.   Alignment with all that we are feels  like love – it’s laughter, it’s bliss, it’s being turned on, it’s gentleness, it’s fun, and it can be as simple as genuine interest.   Alignment feels like love because it is love.

There’s a reason long walks on the beach are a clichéd symbol of romance – because in that place we feel all that we really are – we put the phone down, we are no longer fighting traffic, we’re not engaged in any hustle and bustle. We’ve set down the things we “need to do” and we just… are.   And it feels fantastic.   It feels like deep, welcoming, unconditional love, and we feel these things because in that moment we’ve simply let go of everything we’ve cluttered ourselves up with along the way.

Now I’m not suggesting we live our lives on the beach, or in the park, or any other specific geographic location where we feel we can let go and feel our true alignment with nature and all of creation.   I’m suggesting we live our lives in the feeling of these places.

Whether we accept it or not, the law of attraction is at work in our lives and throughout creation, no exceptions.   And whatever feelings we are currently experiencing indicates the vibration – the frequency at which we are magnetizing new experiences to us.  Bearing  that in mind, it becomes doubly important to reach for the better feeling thought wherever you are.

Our thoughts do play a role in this, yes, but left to it’s own devices, how often is thought alone focused on one topic, much less focused on one that serves us?  Our feelings are the true barometer.  If our thoughts are in service of our feelings, or, said another way, if our minds are in service of our hearts, we cannot be led astray.   Our hearts connect us – all the time – to that feeling we have when walking on the beach.   And when we are doing what we love, that’s easy to feel.

Happiness does not have to be limited to how many “trips to the beach” one can manage.   One can live in that feeling on the way to everything they wish to bring about.   If we try to think our way through life – figure this out, figure that out, in a feeling of “how am I going to do this?” we cut ourselves off from our connection to the solutions from within.

This may, on the surface, sound counter-intuitive.

“Stop trying to think of the solution so that a solution can come to mind?”

Yes.   It is not our own individual intelligence that is ultimately going to close the gap from where we are to where we wish to be in a deliciously satisfying, all-my-dreams-have-come-true sort of way.   If we take ourselves off the battery power of the mind and plug into the electric current of Source energy, we tap into Infinite Intelligence – the energy and brilliance of creation that exists in everything.

If we tune ourselves to that frequency, we can call what we want through us.   When we take our ego out of the loop, our minds stop trying to “figure it all out,” and they become a receiver for inspiration, imagination, intuition; when we stop treating them as our master, we allow our minds to become the faithful servants they were designed to be.   It is only when we let go of the struggle to solve “the problem” do we allow the solution to come to us, and we really start seeing things change for us in big ways.

In my life, I have made it a habit to deliberately let go and allow the universe to work out the details.   I trust that the cooperative components for all that I wish to experience are already assembled, and that the only “work” I have to do is to line up with the end result.   Part of my new routine is asking myself,

“How may I allow the universe to work through me today?”  or

“How may be a collaborative component for all that I want today?”

The answer I receive tells me exactly what I’ll be doing today.  This led me, for instance, to a re-editing of my entire demo reel.  Four full days in a row of editing that felt like playtime, and the quality of my scenes has sky-rocketed.   And this is just scratching the surface of the interesting results I’ve been experiencing.

Case in point – last Thursday, while writing some morning pages in the park, I felt a strong intuitive message from within.   I had, a month ago, tried to sign up for a particular casting director’s workshop, but it was full.   I put myself on a wait list, and promptly forgot about it.   On this day, however, I got a strong feeling that somehow, I would be at this particular workshop, so I should begin preparing a scene.   Some openings became available, but they were snatched up almost as quickly as they appeared.   Still, my intuitive feeling persisted.   I opened up a notebook to random page where I had written this casting director’s name at the top of the list.   Another message.  I took the hint.

“Okay.   I get it.   I’m going to be there.   I’ll get to work on a scene now.”

Sure enough, a third slot opened up a day later, and even though I could not sign up via my phone, circumstances aligned that my girlfriend just happened to return home at just the right moment to get on my computer and sign me up for the slot.

But I wasn’t stopping there.   The simple intuitive messages and serendipities are now combined with my deliberate decision to let go and allow myself to align with my bigger picture of acting success.  I trusted that I wasn’t just going to be there, but that I was meant to be there – that being there was in alignment with my career goals.   I trusted that if I simply continued to take my mind out of the equation, that though this event was only two days away, there would be enough time to perform my scene at my peak, and make a positive impression on the casting director.

I was not disappointed.

“Wow you f-ing rocked that scene.”
“Every single one of the choices you made was exactly right. ”
“You absolutely nailed it.   Welcome back to LA.”

These were but a few of the things he had to say, as he handed over an across-the-board 5-star written review.   Humbling words to a man that but two short years ago, had not been near acting in any way, shape, or form for almost a decade.   I deeply appreciate them.

These words do not serve to feed my ego, nor are they recounted here to brag.   They are evidence – yes, of my ability as an actor, but more importantly to me they are an indicator of my vibration.   They paint a picture of my alignment with the career and the life of my dreams.   This was but one moment of that journey, but a beautiful reflection of my spiritual progress thus far, and I am deeply grateful for it.

No matter what culture we call ourselves a part of, each of us has an innate desire to live a meaningful life.   We all want to have an impact on others, to live a life that has meant something to someone else.   Most of us define this in terms of achievements, sometimes with the acquisition of things or titles; for others it is much more personal.   But what if the true impact of our lives were measured instead by the feelings we most send out to the world?   What if the true measure of meaning in our lives were in the feelings –the vibration we are expressing most frequently?

If feelings were colors, we would all have a kaleidoscope in terms of what we express, but if we’re honest with ourselves about which emotion we are expressing most frequently, what might that be?   What feeling are you painting the world with today?

This is the heart of what vibration means.   And one cannot continue to paint with the same dark colors and expect the picture to get any brighter.   We can be a part of the beautiful mosaic of creation that surrounds us – it is our birthright.   The choice – and the canvas – is ours.

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