So here we are, a month after the purported end of the world, and well, we survived.   So much energy surrounding the expiration of the Mayan calendar on December 21, and what it supposedly entailed, and we are still here.   Sure, there were of course lots of imagined doom and gloom scenarios, and movies and books on that bandwagon, and those who are negatively focused no doubt stocked bunkers with supplies and canned goods in order to survive the coming apocalypse.   No doubt these same people are finding dozens of delicious new recipes for preparing spam.

But not everyone felt the world was ending.   Of the more interesting ideas I came across regarding the end of the Mayan calendar was the belief that we were-we are-making a shift as a planet into a higher dimensional reality. Even now, there is a movement building in this regard among those who are embracing their own evolution.   Some believe we are presently downloading and integrating “activation codes” for the dormant DNA we all possess that mainstream science refers to as “junk DNA.”

While this is a heavy concept to take on faith alone, what if it were true? What if we made an active decision to allow, allow, allow our expansion to unfold and unfurl?   What if the answers we seek outside ourselves were, at best, only a reflection of the answers we already have within?   What if grasping everything we are reaching for were simply a matter of allowing it to come through us, unrestricted?   What if we already possess all the answers we seek most?   What if our Inner Voice is that answer?

Let me put it another way.   Let’s say you read something inspiring, or see an image that you love, or witness a performance that moves you – have you ever considered why you like that?   Yes, you could say, the collection of our life experiences moves and nudges us towards this thing we like or that thing, but what is it within us that is moved by such things, as opposed to something else.   How can we recognize what we like, even in witnessing something for the very first time?

I suggest that we are already in possession of all of our own answers.   We are all of our answers.   And when we witness something that moves us –the answer that we are stirs within us, it agrees.   “Yes that is good.   That is who we are.”

Our money-based society has us deeply programmed as consumers – thinking about all of these things that supposedly only exist outside of us, and we must seek them or find them or struggle for them or fight to protect them.   Some would have us believe we are little more than mouths, fooled into swallowing not only their “food products” but also the concepts of scarcity and fear: that we are anything but powerful, that we are anything but a magnificent part of all that is.

Michelangelo is said to have stared and stared at the marble block that was to become his David for a month before he began, and that he saw his work not as creating a statue, but rather, as chipping away all that was not part of the David within.

What if all that we are reaching for is actually about paring away all things that conceal the greatest version of who we are?   What if we trusted ourselves – our greatness, our guidance from within, our luminosity – without hesitation?   What if we listened and felt our connection to the divine, rather than trying to just “work it all out”  with only our brains?

The world spins perfectly on its axis, in it’s orbit around a sun that does the same on the edge of our massive galaxy.   Life springs forth in myriad ways every second on this planet.   Even one’s own body has numerous systems and organisms at work within that serve us the entirety of our lives, and all of these happen without our conscious participation at all.   We don’t need to fix these things.   They aren’t broken.   And neither are we.

There is a sublime harmony that exists throughout.   We are meant to be a part of that, another beautiful expression of it.   And for those who have begun to let go and trust that unceasing harmony – the pulsing heartbeat of the Universe itself calling from within – we are guided to that part of us we most wish to express, and our lives can bloom and synchronize with the majestic symphony of the sublime.

Last Modified on June 3, 2017
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