Let Go and Allow – Let Go and Align

There’s been so much happening in my journey as of late – so many rich experiences and breakthroughs that the living of them has required my full, active focus.   Only now have I had both the moment to express myself and the overwhelming urge to do so.

In the last two months, I have gone to many more acting workshops, and have learned a massive amount about myself, my acting, and about which habits work and which do not.  I’ve  learned lots of insider knowledge of the day-to-day experience of the casting process of numerous TV shows and films.   And that’s only the beginning:

  • I shot the first episode of a web series I was cast in over a year ago.   And I was  paid to do it.
  • I’ve been asked to give my creative feedback on my professional screenwriter friends’ scripts, with more still yet to read.
  • I attended a seminar on the business of acting, where I “just happened” to win a 6-session, $400 marketing strategy program, for free.
  • I’ve created many strong positive first impressions with several casting directors.
  • I’ve been called in straight to a producers audition session on a primetime TV drama, and have increased my number of auditions across the board.

I’ve acquired my new manager, a woman as excited to be working with me as I am to be working with her.   And I’ve also been re-establishing old relationships and building new ones, connecting and re-connecting with these co-creators from my new, powerfully aligned, spiritual perspective.

I did these things because I was called to do them.   I did them because I intuitively felt the time had come to do so with each.   What is exciting to me about all of these wonderful, joyful experiences – in all their shapes and forms – is that all of them developed from my feeling of alignment.   I did not aggressively seek out any of these people – one of whom was an actor friend I had not seen in 17 years – I  just knew I would be seeing them soon, and that felt really good, and soon enough, I was doing just that.

There is an activation taking place within me – a self-actualization.   I feel it. I know it.   But it is not something that can be reasonably, logically explained. It simply is.   This journey I have been on – this progression along my path since my moment of surrender back in Austin a couple of years ago – has entered a new stage of purification.

In all of these recent experiences, I have stepped even deeper into that waking meditative state I’ve mentioned before.   I have, and am, releasing thought.   Not simply negative thoughts – but thought in general.   In certain circles, this has been referred to as “no-mind.”   And in my desire to convey what I mean by this, we come to the edges of our ability to communicate in words – the language effectively breaks.

There is a knowing that simply must be felt to be understood.   One cannot analyze its components, one cannot logically, reasonably tackle it like a complex equation – and the reason for that is because who we are is beyond the mind.   We are the witness behind our thoughts, the perceiver of our feelings.   We are that greater knowing.

The challenge we face then, in truly understanding this, is in fully realizing our decision to identify ourselves with our mind, and to completely release that identification.   Not an easy feat, but this is absolutely required to know – truly know – the greater being that is each of us really is – the one guiding us with impulses and intuition and synchronicity and love.

The mind cannot provide these things.   Worse, it is the very thing – the only thing – that is blocking the ever-present flood of all of these wondrous things into our experience.   It is only when we have a moment of releasing thoughts – usually a fleeting one – when we get those flashes of genius, those moments of clarity, those sparks of imagination.   There’s a reason these things are generally known to be brief – because, for most of us, our minds simply won’t shut up long enough to allow these experiences to be sustained.   When they do happen to us, our first instinct is to reach out and try to grip them with our minds, grab ahold of them, and in so doing, they seem to slip through fingers like grains of sand.

So long as we identify with our thoughts – believing the thoughts that pass through our brains to be our very identity, we restrict the flow of that greater knowing through us – and we block the infinite intelligence we are all eternally connected to.

We must cultivate the idea that we are not meant to simply be thinkers; we are perceivers.   Our five senses can trick us into believing that these sensations are all there is to be experienced, when perceiving intuition, serendipity, and listening to the guidance of our feelings gives us a far more accurate depiction of who we really are, and, as a side-benefit, allow us to manifest all that we most want in our lives.

Now, as I said, this is where the language fails us.   There’s obviously thought that is used in reading and pondering these words, as there are thoughts involved in moving my hand to shape them.   But there’s a difference in one’s mind being cluttered with the flotsam of junk and the myriad of media-designed distractions we are bombarded with (that are purposefully meant to keep us confused), and the clarity of one’s greater knowing and the allowing one’s mind to move and act only in service of that knowing.

It is with this clarity of my recent experiences have been unfolding, with my absolute knowing that I am living my purpose, being the person I came forward to being, and actively engaging others from that perspective.   My thoughts no longer betray or distract me – everything unfolds for me is either a direct expression of my alignment, or an opportunity for me to align even further than before.   This is how I know it should be – how it was meant to be – and how I know I have already achieved all I have yet to achieve.

I am the vibration of allowing.   I am a translator of our higher understanding to those who are ready and willing to hear.   This is not the voice of ego – this is the voice of purpose – of service.   There’s a shift taking place in all of us – if we are brave enough to let go of that which we have believed we are, and allow our greater selves to blossom and flourish from within.

And I don’t know about you, but I’m already having a wild ride.