Instant Gratification vs. Delayed Manifestation

Nowadays we’ve become quite accustomed to the notion of instant gratification.   We are bombarded with content of one  type or another almost incessantly.   Not long ago, we had to be seated in front of a computer or TV or radio to receive this steady stream, but now with smart phones we carry that onslaught with us everywhere, consuming it as we’re walking or even driving somewhere.   Instant gratification.   We want to know something right now and BAM, we are reading about it, watching a video about it, getting some kind of sales pitch from someone selling it.   Why would anyone choose to delay that indulgence?

Well the amount of dollars in our bank accounts is one thing that forces our hand.   Being able to afford it.   It’s no wonder that so many are working jobs we hate to buy things we were told that we need.   But when was the last time that the thing you purchased brought you joy?   Not amusement, not fleeting thrills, but a deep joyful fulfillment?   Probably quite a while, if ever.   If we can really have all that we want instantly, and get that gratification we are actively and constantly seeking, why don’t more people feel fulfilled?

I submit that anything instantaneous, CANNOT fulfill us in ways that having to wait for it can.   There is something about the not having it yet that enlivens us, makes that eventual having of it that much more enjoyable.   If money did not exist, and we could physically have anything we wanted instantly, how long would you actually enjoy that thing?   Maybe slightly longer than it took to get to you?   Because once you have something, the natural tendency we all have is to want the next thing, to want more.

I’ve talked quite a bit about manifestation, and mentioned some of my own.   Usually, it’s not an instantaneous event.   And I’m okay with that.   There’s no sense in feeding “why isn’t it here yet?” negativity into the events, circumstances, goals, achievements that are on their way to me.   While all manifestations are subject to some delay, the length and breadth of that delay is in our own hands.

If you were really honest with yourself about your feelings around achieving a major milestone, would you say that you lean more towards crystal clear faith of it showing up any day, and expecting it to do so, or are you more focused on its absence and why it is taking so long to get to you?   The thing is, and I face this challenge myself, that the vivid nature of this “real world” is so enthralling that it can be very challenging to take one’s eyes off of it and focus instead on the VISION of how things soon will be.   And yet that is exactly how every single invention we now use- every device that feeds us content and beyond- came into being.

The real work in achieving our dreams is not in pounding the pavement towards them, but in clearing away the obstructions in our own minds to allow them to find us.   “What you are looking for, is looking for you.”   I am not suggesting to spend all of one’s life on the couch in dreamland.   But whatever you need to do to make your VISION more real to you than what you see and consume around you, do that.   There’s a reason geniuses are almost always thought to be insane.   Because they are willing to turn their backs on the way things are done by the mediocre masses.

When you can see through the eyes of  your intuitive VISION, rather than the narrow, dirty lens of what surrounds you, then you open yourself to seeing the opportunities that lead to the reaching of those goals, where before you could not.   I’ve always found that whatever one believes to be true either IS true, or BECOMES true for that person.   Our perspective  filters out everything that does not fit into our beliefs.   If you don’t believe in your success, who else is going to?

So it follows that the hidden challenge we face is in choosing empowering beliefs that allow for all our dreams to come true, and then finding and feeding the faith that supports them.   There are a few schools of thought on this- one is to simply open up to the possibility that your dreams can happen.  Ceasing all thoughts that say it’s impossible.  That’s a really good start.   My perspective is a little more aggressive, as a result of my own epiphanies:

First belief: The goal I wish to achieve is *INEVITABLE.*   As in, there is NO possible way that it could *NOT* come to pass.  The only possibility is its absolute completion.   This is steadfastly first and foremost kept in my awareness.

Second belief: Every single day moves me forward toward that goal.   Every day is a huge leap.   Each and every day is important, and catapults me forward toward that goal by enormous measures, by only simple efforts at a time.

Third belief: Playing through these simple efforts- finding the play in the work, enjoying the process all along the way- creates compound interest that allows the bliss of the goal achieved long before it physically shows up.

Seeing my goals as inevitable allows me to get out of my own head.  It allows me to let go and trust.   It allows me, even in a potentially stressful “don’t blow it!” opportunity, to relax and have fun, and allow the greatest version of me to shine through.   Last week’s agent showcase was one of those moments.   On my way there in my car, I went on a “rampage of appreciation,” a term used to describe an out-loud stream-of-consciousness  list of all the things I appreciate.   Mine went something like this:

“I love knowing I am in the right place at the right time with the right knowledge.   I love being me.   I love living this life.   I love knowing and pursuing my purpose.   I love every step of this journey.   I love knowing I am on my path.   I love knowing that every step matters.   I love feeling the progress and forward motion of every single step.   I love knowing that my success is imminent…”

I went on like this for the last 30 minutes of my drive.   As you can imagine, by the time I arrived at the showcase, I was absolutely unstoppable.   There was not even the slightest inkling of fear or trepidation or hesitation present.   I was relaxed, on-point, and on-purpose.   I was vibrating at a powerfully high level, and afterwards, serendipity lined me up with a warm, friendly, one-on-one personal connection with one of the three agents, as I walked her to her car.  It was the beginning of something- a door had swung open- and it was due in no small part to the empowering beliefs I have about what is flowing into my experience right now.

It doesn’t happen overnight, which means I get to savor every accomplishment as I go, and not take any for granted.   I will get to where I’m heading, I will reach what I seek, but I know that even these are not a final destination.   There is no such thing.   The joy is not in the completion, but in the reaching for more of who we really are- that is the truest fulfillment.