If You Build It, He Will Come

Every time you re-read your favorite book or watch a movie again, despite knowing how it ends, the experience is different, because you are different.   You’ve changed, you’ve been around longer, hopefully you’ve picked up some wisdom along the way, but regardless, you’ve experienced more life.   You’ve expanded beyond the person you were when you viewed it last, and what you respond to changes along with you.

One of the many wonderful things about being in a relationship with someone from a foreign country is that you get to revisit some American film classics anew through their adult eyes.   Layer this in with a shared, harmonious spiritual perspective, and you’ve set the stage for a very special movie-going experience.   Last night for us, it was Field of Dreams.

I was astonished by how much we enjoyed it.

Here’s a story that is rich with American baseball culture and imagery, but I realized, perhaps for the first time, that baseball is just the context.   It’s just the intricate stage upon which to tell the greater story: one man, Ray Kinsella (played by Kevin Costner), who listens to his inner voice, and trusts it enough to follow its guidance wherever it may lead him.   He trusts it  so deeply and so completely, beyond all logic and reason, that he creates, in the middle of an Iowa cornfield, a magical place where pasts regrets are healed, passions are re-ignited, dreams are fulfilled,  and for those who are open to seeing it, heaven on earth, in the shape of a baseball diamond.

I could not help but feel a resonance with this character, with the story.   I am at present in the midst of bringing together all the pieces for shooting my own acting demo reel.   I too, embarked upon this adventure as a result of my own inner voice telling me – repeatedly over a period of months – that this is what I should do.    I’ve listened.    And though it involves some skills that are new to me, it’s amazing to see how everything is lining up so perfectly: talented actors on board, great locations becoming available,  an enthusiastic crew, all falling into place like they were meant to be a part of this.

So in watching the movie this time around, I found new parallels in my own life to Ray’s story.   Some of my favorite moments are when he sits by the window, staring out at an empty field as seasons pass, knowing that “something’s going to happen out there, I can feel it.”   This is exactly where I am right now – looking out on my own field of dreams, feeling – knowing – that something magical is about to happen.   Something magical is already happening.

Throughout the movie, Ray hears a series of messages that are vague at best, and that leave him filled with questions: build what?   For who?   How?   When no specific answers come in words, he finds that he must simply feel his way through.   He lets go of the need for specific answers from “the voice,” and trusts that he will know what to do, and when to do it.   The “how” he lets go of entirely.   It’s not long before others are swept up in his journey, inspired to rekindle their own joy and passion in life.

Passion is contagious, and it’s as powerful and consuming as wildfire.   And just as the dry forests give themselves over without resistance to the baptism of flame, so are we moved instinctively by the passion we see and hear and feel in others.   We thrill in experiencing others living their passion, revel in the artistry that we see in their expression, and yearn to allow that same feeling to rise and swell again within us.

I am immeasurably grateful to all of those who have inspired this in me, reminding me of my truest nature.   From the words shared with me today, to the performances that continue to resonate across decades of time – I am so very thankful.

And as I allow my passion and my purpose to flow fully and freely in my experience, I pay this forward to all those who await their own reawakening, to all those who hear their own inner voice.   Are you listening to yours?  To those still hesitant to live the life of their own dreams, still tentative to create what they were meant to create, and in doing so, to fully embrace their own truest, greatest, most passionate self, I say to you now-

If you build it, he will come.