Holy Water and The Placebo Effect

I have, this year, written many posts on a wide range of topics – different concepts I’ve come across, found particularly useful, and felt a strong resonance with.   It’s always fascinating to find myself coming back to things like meditation, lucid dreaming, and crystal healing, and to see how each has played a role in my progression to this place in my life.   And in revisiting the seemingly tangential interests and experiences of my recent past, as well as exploring the overlapping spiritual messages from a myriad of different sources, I’ve come to see all of these things as pieces of the grander whole – the building blocks of the greater version of me that is each day coming into clearer and clearer view.

Recently I have revisited meditation, a practice I used to engage in daily, and I’ve enjoyed the experience immensely again, especially when it is enhanced with crystals.   Now, meditation is something that has, even here in the western world, gained quite a bit of acceptance, even if it’s not necessarily being utilized as part of our daily routine.   Using crystals, however, is a bit more out there for most people.   And that’s okay.   I would imagine this wouldn’t be the first topic I’ve written about that could be classified as such.

Be that as it may, I am someone who is open to finding out if something works for me, before I dismiss something out right, just because it may sound a little weird.   I’m okay with weird, in fact, I like weird.   And though we appreciate different unique varieties of it, all of us like something that someone else thinks is weird.   Even an absolute, strictly rigid adherence to conformity and what is regarded as “normal” is, in itself, a bit weird if you really think about it.

But before we go further on this topic, I want to lay a bit of groundwork first. There’s this thing we’ve all heard of many, many times in our life that most give very little thought to.   For those watching TV, we’ve all seen the daily pharmaceutical ads where it’s mentioned, but glossed over immediately. What could be so important to virtually every drug company would feel the need to mention it for so frequently?   You guessed it: the placebo effect.

Very few of us have not heard of this, but essentially, this is the scientifically acknowledged fact that if someone takes a “sugar pill” containing none of the effective ingredients that the actual drug contains, but that person believes that by taking it, their condition will improve, it does.

This effect is very well-documented.   In fact, it has become an integral facet in determining the effectiveness of a drug before it is released to the general public.   Again, this is not news to most of us.

What fascinates me is how we pay this so little mind.   Here we have countless scores of scientifically-verified studies of sick people believing this pill will make them better, and though they’ve consumed no medicine at all, their condition improves.   The power of our belief in healing ourselves cannot be explained by science, and yet it is absolutely undeniable to them.

It’s down-played of course.   Science doesn’t understand it, and quite frankly, there’s no profit in it.   Pharmaceuticals would not be the massive industry it is today by exploring and expounding upon the power we have to heal ourselves without even taking their products.

But the placebo effect is not just at work in this arena alone.   Believing that something – anything may be of benefit to us is a powerful perspective to hold.   If we are open – even to the possibility – of benefiting from exercising, taking supplements or vitamins, having pets, getting enough sleep, and meditation, we allow more of the inherent benefits of our belief to affect us more positively – and we draw forth from these things more than if we were to resist what they could do for us.   Crystals are no different.

Crystals are held by many spiritual communities to be an excellent way to focus and align our own energies, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  There are many varieties that individually have been attributed to aiding us in healing, helping us achieve greater clarity, focusing our attention on the benefits of unconditional love, and allowing our creativity to flow more freely.   The way I see it, if we believe crystals could help us, and we decide to open ourselves up to that possibility, we actively engage our own placebo effect intentionally, at the very minimum.

If I, for instance, keep a piece of citrine in my pocket, which is believed to allow and bring abundance and prosperity, every time I noticed it, feel it in my pocket, I trigger thoughts of allowing prosperity into my life.   If I come across it five times in the day,  for a week, that’s 35 moments I have pondered my prosperity, from a place without resistance, than if I had not had in my pocket.

That, to me, is a profound move in the right direction, whether the crystals are actually doing anything or not.   I have felt the energy of them, as one can feel from hugging a tree, but even without feeling that energy, one cannot deny that a trigger for positive thoughts like this would serve us well.

These energies can also be communicated with water.   For those who have not seen these studies, it’s been documented that water is programmable. The most basic of these studies have shown that by saying “I hate you” to a glass of water, and then the water is frozen, jagged, discordant ice crystals are formed.  Naturally, this is in stark contrast to the beautiful, intricate, harmonious patterns that emerge in the ice crystals when the phrase “I love you” is spoken to the water.

Crystals and water together, used in this way, can be a powerful combination.   In our home, we’ve begun making “spirit water” (or “prosperity water” as we like to call it), maximizing the effect and the feeling that the practice of “drinking prosperity in” brings us.

Sound a bit “out there?”   Ever hear of holy water?   Here is a centuries-old practice of blessing water for baptism, cleansing of sin, and focusing on matters of the Spirit.   It is accepted that priests and rabbis can do this, why not embrace the spiritual leader within and do this ourselves?

The true power in each of these practices comes from within us.   If we acknowledge this, and we can simply allow whatever benefits we may gain from them, unencumbered with doubt or disbelief, we clear the way towards realigning our focus.   When we place ourselves in a position to continuously allow the experiences in our lives that we want more of, without resistant thoughts, we harness the power we all have within, and can enrich our lives, one placebo effect after another.

“Once you deliberately choose a thought and consciously feel the improvement in the way you feel, you have successfully utilized your own guidance system, and now you can be on your way to the freedom that you desire and deserve – for there is nothing that you cannot be, do, or have.” –Abraham-Hicks