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I had a wonderful interaction with an older gentleman at the park today.   He was drumming a large bongo on a nearby park bench as I sat to write.   His name is Ronall. I know this, because as he finished with his soulful groove, I thanked him for his musical offering.   He was already beaming, and these few words from me were all he needed to pour out his enthusiasm into words. Words I resonated deeply with.   Words I have spoken and written myself.

He said he comes here to this park because we are all connected, and here he can feel it easily.   “We all have gifts to share, and God gave them to us for the very purpose of sharing.   He doesn’t play favorites-we all have something to give, and though we may get distracted by all the negativity in the world, all the politics and disagreements, that we all are connected to God and each other. “

I love this guy.

I’ve come to understand my vibrational offering so deeply that warm, serendipitous meetings like this happen more and more frequently, depending on how good I am feeling.   Actually, all rendezvous we have are indicators of how we are feeling right now.   So what kinds of encounters we are having become a delicious confirmation of the attraction point we are broadcasting – especially if we are already feeling good.

I have a number of routines that serve me well.   One of them is swimming three days a week.   But the swim itself is just the first part.   I go to an Olympic-sized outdoor pool that is heated year-round.   Mine is an intense workout of sprints where I am pushing my ability, seeing where I can refine here and improve there.   It’s a blend of equal parts joy in appreciating what this body can do, and endless curiosity to discover what else it can do.   And it should come as no surprise that how I swim is how I live every aspect of this life.

So after the swim, I am routinely high on endorphins – I may be walking out of the pool, but I am floating in a feeling of accomplishment, robust health, and again, appreciation.   For everything.

The pool is situated on one corner of a massive park, and I make my way over to a picnic bench under the shade of a few beautiful trees to write.   This is where nearly all of my blog posts emerge.   Sitting in awe of these ancient trees, watching them gently swaying in the breeze, listening to the kids run and play, the birds singing their songs, the squirrels scampering about – one cannot help but feel a deep connection to all of it.   I am one part of this, and I am in every part of this.

So today when I sat to write, not knowing entirely what would come, before we had ever exchanged words, I knew that Ronall and his drum were there to help.   And soon my pen was playing my music on the page.

But it never ends there.   We are attracting constantly.   We are living magnets, pulling in everything that matches our frequency.   In the midst of writing this very post, I received a response from a guy I was hoping would be the director of photography for the first third of my demo reel.   His answer was an enthusiastic “Yes.”   And he was willing to do it for free.

This, I know, is only the beginning, the first of many positive responses on their way to me right now.   These cooperative components are lining up as evidence of how I am vibrating.   They are the evidence of the energetic offering – the thoughts  I am consciously sending out, in service of my unique vision, my own personal choices of creative expression and spiritual expansion.   And how can they do anything but perpetuate the joy I am feeling already?

So the question I put to you friends, is this:  What evidence of your vibrational offering is showing up in your life?

“We eagerly offer our perspective to you for one reason only: so that you may consciously participate in your own delicious expansion.   Your expansion is a given; the expansion of your time-space-reality is a given, and the expansion of this universe is a given.   It is just ever so much more satisfying for you to consciously and deliberately participate in your own expansion.”   ~Abraham-Hicks

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