Everything is a Cooperative Component

This week I’ve been searching for and learning how to use some advanced editing software to put together the shots for my demo reel.   It’s yet another steep learning curve for me.   Time is on my side, however, and no one is expecting a completed reel by any specific deadline.   So any pressure I feel throughout the process is entirely self-imposed.  But then, from a broader perspective, it always is that way.

If our experience is the sum of the thought energy we put out, and the Law of Attraction is steadily bringing us more of whatever that may be, it would seem that letting go of the “struggle aspects” and focusing upon what is flowing would be in our best interest in achieving what we want to accomplish.

For example, if I am thinking about how quickly I want to get this done, it seems like every little thing gets in my way or slows me down.   Why?  It seems like the opposite of the law of attraction – I asked for haste, but I get delays – what’s going on here?

Some would use this to support their belief that there is no law of attraction at all – or that it doesn’t work for them.   And that’s okay, that’s their choice, but law of attraction is working all the time, like gravity – and gravity does not care if you believe in it or not.   It just is.

As far as I’m concerned, if this law is indeed at work in my life, and my own massive experiential data has more than proven that to me, I want to consciously choose what I’m attracting, rather than just reacting to whatever comes seemingly “by default.”  I say seemingly, because we are creating our lives, whether we realize it or not.   There is no default.   Everything in our lives, we attracted to us.   So if our lives are a painting in progress, and we the artists, why wouldn’t we choose to take off the blindfold and start crafting a masterpiece instead of just throwing paint at the wall?

The issue is often that we have not identified the root of the thought we are putting out (also known as our vibration).  If “I need to complete a task quickly,” we might think the “quickly” part is where our vibration is set, but it’s not.   What we are really feeling here is “there is not enough time for this task.”   We are more focused on the lack of this completed task that we need right now-right now-right now, and the Universe is responding accordingly, bringing us a variety of roadblocks and distractions that are in perfect harmony with our “not enough time” vibration.

When we need something – anything at all, be it more time, more money, the ideal relationship, a better job –we are, in fact, beaming a signal to the Universe saying, “More scarcity on this topic, please.   More lack of this thing that I want, please.”

We are all co-creating our experience, according to the vibration we are sending out.   And it serves us better to focus ourselves on expecting what we want to come, rather than talking about, resisting, or participating in the fight against this, that, or the other thing we don’t want.

How?   The easiest description I’ve heard for consciously creating the lives we want is something we naturally do every time we go to a restaurant: we decide what we want, we place our order, and we simply wait for it to come. We don’t start checking the time, stressing out about whether or not it will be safely prepared, or if someone will spit in it, or why it isn’t instantly on our table the moment we order it.   It’s coming.   We know it’s coming.   We let go and trust that it is on its way to us right now.   And soon, just as we have expected, it arrives.

This is how we attract anything we want into our lives.   This is how we bring the creation of our life experience into our own conscious awareness.

Yes, life is more complex than ordering food.   When it comes to living our lives, there are many things that come up that may interrupt our process of knowing and our absolute faith that what we want is on its way.   For that reason, filtering out these distractions and clarifying our focus becomes the most important “work” we have to do.   And it’s an ongoing process.

Expectations are one area that many struggle with, because so many of our expectations are so practiced that they become almost automatic to us.   And usually, these expectations don’t serve us – in fact, they may very often be the one thing keeping us from what we desire.

We must learn to retrain how we see things and how we feel about them if we are to let go of old negative expectations.   And if we can really let go and trust that the Universe is indeed on our side, it begs the question:

What if everything we experience is a cooperative component for what we really want?

But it can’t be, can it?

“What about traffic?“

Sometimes the delays we experience are there to protect us.   We may be delayed just long enough to avoid an accident, or maybe that delay allows for the perfect timing of a “chance” rendezvous with that one person who may completely change our lives.   Sometimes the delay or the struggle we face brings us to a place of truly being ready for the career or the relationship we really want.

“But surely this negative/painful thing I’m experiencing can’t be a component for something that I want, can it?”

These are there for us to make a choice.   In the moment of experiencing this thing that we do not want, we choose something more for ourselves, and our inner being incorporates this new decision and becomes the new, better version of us.   When we witness others suffering for example, our hearts expand, we feel for these people, and we are moved to make new, better decisions in our lives that would not have come had we not witnessed this negative/painful thing.

From there, we have only to let go of the hot coal of that painful thought we are holding onto, and live in the full expectation and trust – like we do with our restaurant order – that no matter how it may initially seem, what we want is already on its way to us.

If we can let go of talking about the issue and trust in the inevitable arrival of its solution, we clear the lines of communication, and open ourselves up to receiving the intuitive, inspired call to action from within.    If we allow ourselves to align with our inner knowing of what is coming, we live the solution – and we become all that we desire.