Due North or Due South?

The last few days were pretty busy for me, and I found myself very grateful for the strength of my purpose-driven, spiritual viewpoint.   I signed on with several casting networks and services, with more to come, and have begun submitting myself like crazy.

I spent yesterday in a state of creative bliss, working on an audition at home with a friend.   Loving the experience and the pleasure of playing Maximus in a couple of scenes from Gladiator was fun enough for me, but I also got to enjoy taping myself on yes, my new iPhone.   After we taped, I went to my last class with Coach Mike, and soaked up every bit of wisdom I could, before coming home and developing a new skill of video editing, in order to upload and send in the best of my taped audition.   All in all, a fantastic purpose-driven career-action day.

The night before, I attended the premiere screening of a powerful short film, written and directed by a good friend of mine, starring him and another friend.   It was, in my opinion, masterful.   Great performances, talented writing, direction, and production on par with some of the best industry professionals working today.   The premiere itself was a crowded affair, and before and after the screening I got a chance to talk with these friends and others whom I had lost touch with during my time in Austin.

The conversations I had there reminded me of how blessed I am to have come to knowing the perspective I now live by, and how much I wish I could pass it along to others with something as easy as a handshake.

I found myself reconnecting with old co-workers.   While I was living my old, disconnected, former life in LA, and later breaking down in Austin, these people had been putting themselves out there in pursuit of their dream.   Writing books, getting their indie feature and short films made, pursuing acting  careers, and all of them championing the independent film community in some way.   What surprised me was that collectively and individually, their vibration was speaking volumes about what was lacking.

From my vantage point, I took supreme delight in the  accomplishment I saw.   Purposeful Action.   Confluence of energies.   The lining up of cooperative components.   And especially in the case of my friends’ film, excellence in execution.   I felt awe and joy and excitement in what they had achieved.   What I sensed from them, on that particular evening, was something a little different.

As they delved into the real world challenges that they had faced along the way, and the confusion over seeing the path that lay ahead, I was reminded of the old patterns of thought I had once espoused.   The need to know HOW.   The need to “tell it like it is,” and state the factual truth around a subject rather than state what you WANT to have happen.   The need for a cold, hard solution to this problem and that problem and the other one.   These were the thoughts that had once led me far astray, the thoughts that in thinking them, I had been activating the energy that kept what I wanted at a distance, kept me from the successes I truly wanted.

One of the teachings from Abraham- Hicks I’ve read and been applying in my life this week is that “every subject is really two subjects: what you want or the absence of what you want.”   Polar opposites.   “You can tell, by the way you feel, which choice you are currently focused upon” and THAT is your current point of attraction.   That is what you are bringing into your experience right now- MORE of that.   So if heading due North is the path of fulfilling your dreams, your alignment with all that you were meant to be, your loving the adventure that life brings you, are you heading that direction?   Your feelings will tell you.

If you like things exactly as they are, by all means, tell everyone about it.   Tell that story of your reality over and over again, because you’ll ensure more of that.   For most of us, there are some things we wish to change.   But we can’t get there- to the place of LIVING the changed condition- when we continuously activate the “what is lacking” side of our story.   That can ONLY bring more of the feeling and circumstances that will produce that feeling of lack within you.

I understand, in sharing and communicating with others, not wanting to lie.   So I myself just leave out the “what is lacking” part of my story.   Sure, I have my challenges, like anyone else, but I let them happen, and pass. Happen and pass.   I spend no more time or energy regurgitating them just so the facts of my story are straight.   When they happen, I let them happen, let them go, and turn my thoughts right back to the lively, enthusiastic details of the joyful, passionate, purposeful aspects of my life instead.   And the more I tune into and focus on THESE things, the easier it becomes to ONLY see these things.   Those aspects that contrast with the feelings I want get more and more easily filtered out, until one finds themselves telling exciting, fun stories of the bliss that really surrounds them.

Because it surrounds all of us, ALL the time.

I’ve been playing with a method called pivoting, where in that bad-feeling moment, I acknowledge that I’m activating the wrong side of the subject, and turn it around.   I will say to myself, “Okay, I know what I DON’T want.   What is it that I DO want?”   Each time I’ve done this, I’ve felt an immediate shift to feeling better- which means more of those better feelings and circumstances are now on their way to me on THAT subject.

It’s a simple tool- one of many- but I can’t help but wonder what magnificence the lives of my friends would be if they chose to use it, or use it more often.   What if, in that moment of feeling frustrated or jaded or lost or confused at the “how?” or “what next?” in their lives,  they were to STOP and re-direct their focus on what they wanted instead?

LIVE in that place friends.   Keep your thoughts, and the powerful energies behind it, on the feelings of what you want to be and do and have, rather than their lack, and you will soon find yourself being, doing, and having that or something even better- and loving every step of the journey along the way.