Defusing the Minefield

I discussed a tool last week called pivoting, where in a moment of being aware of negative feelings, one pivots from thinking about the lack of something to focusing on what is wanted.   It has been a very engaging tool for me this week to be sure, and I’ve found it most useful around what has been at times, a minefield of a topic for me- money.

While I have demonstrated for myself the ability to bring about great positive changes in my life on an array of topics, this one I have until recently steered clear of.   Maybe I sensed that I had not been quite ready to bring the topic into play before now, I’m not sure.   Whatever the reason, I have now finally begun to venture forth into this territory.

As we create our world, our circumstances, our personal earthly experience with our thoughts, we have only to look around us to see the results of the vibration we are predominantly sending out.   And in the case of money, I have, for FAR too long, been activating the LACK of it, rather than allowing it to flow freely into my life.   That being the case, the main pivoting work I’ve done these last two weeks has been in re-training my vibration away from the lack of money, and tuning myself into the frequency of something altogether new to me: PROSPERITY.

Clearly, as my history and tax records illustrate, I have been skilled in manifesting the lack of money.   Highly skilled.   It would be easy for me to say this was due to outside circumstances or the economy or this or that external reason- but doing so would strip me of my power to change anything.   It would deny the underlying TRUTH of it- that my OWN constant patterns of thought on this specific topic has produced- without fail– the results that surround me.

With my very practiced patterns of lack of money, absorbed via well-meaning parents, friends, society, and most extensively, developed through my own rinse-and-repeat patterns, making a NEW CHOICE has effectively been akin to disarming a minefield one at a time as I dare to venture across it.   Money is so much a part of this human experience that it can, quite easily at times, make us forget the grander truth about who we really are- spiritual beings of immense co-creative power.

We are, after all, made from the same Source energy that creates worlds, that is the very heartbeat of nature, and that surrounds us all of the time, without exception.   And if that’s true- how would Source view money?   Which end of the spectrum would Source be vibrating at?   Clearly, limitless, Infinite Intelligence would not bother itself with lack of money.   And there was my newest epiphany: Source itself IS prosperity.

In my specifying why I want prosperity, the freedom to do what I want, create what I want, on the grandest possible scale is above all the reason that floats to the surface.   And I cannot imagine the Universe/ Infinite Intelligence/ Source/ God- being described as anything less than that.

In my daily writings, “Guide me to see through the eyes of Source” is one of my favorite requests.   You can’t help but feel empowered asking to see your career, your relationships, your entire life through the widest, fullest, highest spiritual perspective of all.   And now in knowing that prosperity is very much a part of Source-perspective, even the shadows that had been previously obscured from view become illuminated and whole new arenas of possibility begin to unfurl.

Seeing the new opportunities and opening yourself up to the surprises and chance meetings and serendipity are all important.   Knowing what you want and activating that end of the spectrum is the key first step.   And once you’re heading in the right direction, the gas pedal is your EXPECTATION.   How much can you teach yourself to stay off the brakes- your resistance to the idea of being prosperous- and keep your foot on the gas?   Releasing old expectations and resonating with the new one will determine how much of the new condition you allow.

We have to unlearn what we’ve learned.   We have to bring our conscious awareness back into the detailed steps we’ve been taking unconsciously for so long- perhaps even our whole lives.   Yes, it will feel a bit strange and awkward at first- so did learning to drive.   But if we could re-train ourselves to expect prosperity to flow to us, rather than its lack, isn’t that worth a little initial discomfort?

On Sunday, a friend of mine did my taxes, and despite what easily could have been an activation of lack of money, instead, I went into it with that relaxed prosperity mindset.   No worry, no stress, just expecting a refund.   And a refund resulted.

Late that afternoon, watching the sunset from a pier in Manhattan Beach, my girlfriend and I played a new game- a game for re-training our perspective.   With $175 cash in my pocket, we imagined together the many possible ways we could spend all of that money.   Rather than, as one usually does, spend the money before you ever get to enjoy the having of it, taking the time to play this game before the money was spent was a lot of fun, way more than we thought it would be.   It felt fantastic, and it opened us both up to myriad delicious experiences and things we could do with the freedom that even $175 could buy.

Playing games like this helps in big ways towards activating what you want and expecting it to show up.   Expecting prosperity.   Personally, I don’t know how prosperity will find its way to me, and I don’t need to know.   Truth me told, its more fun for me if I don’t know.   What I do know, and what I trust, is that somehow, some way, through the path of least resistance, that prosperity is on its way to me right now.

Monday morning, I got a text from my friend.   In doing my 2011 taxes, she had noticed an error I had made in my taxes from 2010, and offered to re-calculate them.   A few hours later, and I have an out-of- the- blue $550 surprise check on its way to me, from someplace I would have never sought to look for it.

Yes, it really CAN happen that fast.

As long as you EXPECT it to show up.