Compartmentalism – The Path to Disharmony

Sometimes, in the ongoing dialogue between myself and my Higher Mind, I will engage in discussion while my own vibration is a bit out of sorts. Life throws all kinds of challenges at all of us, and it would be misleading to represent that I’m always in a serene, zen-like state. At times, it’s quite the contrary. As this collective transformation begins to work its way across the consciousness of the globe, it’s important to acknowledge where we are at, what’s coming up for us, and how we feel about it, regardless of how “non-spiritual” it may seem. Sometimes those are the moments when the most poignant truths arise.

The following is one such dialogue that came through last October. I sat on it for a while for different reasons, but feel now that getting it out into the open is the best way to honor the message it contains.

I’m sitting here on my balcony today, trees and wind chimes rocking and flowing in the breeze. It’s very nice being out here. So quiet and restful and serene.

I’m feeling things. Lots of stuff coming out. And since I’ve been burying myself in YouTube videos, Twitter, Instagram, movies and games, I wanted to sit out here without all of this technology.

These things seem to be so helpful sometimes, even educational for some of the YouTube videos, but it also just… interrupts me and my life. I am in receiving, no, consuming or “entertainment mode” most of the time, rather than doing anything productive. I feel profoundly overwhelmed, behind, and just… alive. Alive as in existing, but very far from feeling enlivened.

I feel very mind-driven, and very little heart-driven. I’m feeling judgmental of others. I’m feeling wholly dissatisfied with some aspect of everything and everyone around me, and I know that this is just my dissatisfaction with myself. Is this depression?

∞ In a sense, yes. It is. You are going through a massive change as a collective, and it has many components that feel quite depressing to think about. As society’s secrets are becoming more and more transparent, the darkness comes to light. The truth is, there is much darkness and lies and nastiness in your society that has always been right here with you. You were simply unaware of it at the time.

Compartmentalism is, in many ways, to blame for this. This practice of segmenting away some aspects of your reality from others has created schisms within you, within your global society as a whole. These schisms are never far below the surface. Of course, as the “walls” used within compartmentalism are more conceptual than they are physical partitions, their actual effectiveness are nowhere near what they are reputed to be.

People frequently won’t discuss certain topics in hopes of sustaining “the wall.” But even though they may not wish to discuss it, they feel the topic lingering there. They can feel the pressure of the thing they’ve mentally placed on the other side of that wall. Why? Because there is no wall at all. This is why there are whistle-blowers.

This compartmentalism serves those who wish to keep secrets from others, and those who wish to subjugate others’ free will. Sometimes these are one and the same, but not always.

In what ways are secrets good?

∞ Secrets, as you put it, are the keeping of knowledge away from another. There are several structural ways this effect can happen that have nothing to do with ill will, nor subjugating free will. Physical incarnation on this plane is one example.

Wait. Are you saying that there is nothing nefarious going on in the cycle of each of us incarnating physically without the higher knowledge of our higher minds? Surely there is something there that is a violation of our free will. I get the concept of forgetting the full magnitude of our most expansive selves in order to have a more limited experience of growth and perspective, but surely there are some negative aspects, some control systems in place there too?

∞ Take a breath. Really. Do it.

If, as Bashar says, that what they describe as “negative” is actually that which is segregative, wouldn’t that mean the segregations we experience in incarnating here (body, mind, higher mind) be negative? Wouldn’t the Trinity be negative? Positive, negative, neutral: Segregations! Compartments! Aren’t they?

∞ That is one interpretation, yes, and we will not invalidate it. How does that interpretation make you feel?


∞ Okay. Now look around you at nature. Do you think nature is nihilistic? Do you feel the the negatively oriented perspective that you just expressed to be present in all of nature that surrounds you? In your cells? In the cohesiveness of your atoms? Is it in the stars, the moon, the planets? Is nihilism the perspective of Source?

No. It can’t be. This place would be hell on earth if it were. And while that experience can be had, other experiential perspectives can be had too, that are of love and beauty and sublime harmony and oneness – the oneness of all people and things.

∞ And oneness with so, so much that you are presently unaware of. We have these dialogues with you so that you become the awareness that you seek. We have these discussions for the very reason of assisting you in releasing the compartments you’ve built for yourselves every day of your lives. We want you to know wholeness. We want you to live this sublime harmony. We want you to express the knowing that is here, waiting for you to tap into it. But nihilism will not get you there.

Nihilism is the wrong key. It doesn’t open the locks; it won’t open the doors. This is the good reason for these “secrets,” if you will. Access. Those who are imbalanced, those who are still operating from too much compartmentalized thinking are not ready for the knowledge that awaits them.

Nihilism is not a harmonic perspective. It has its values, yes, if only to illustrate what is or is not harmonic to the whole. And that is the very reason why “access is denied” to those espousing nihilism (as an example), because were those individuals who are “in it for themselves” to acquire the “keys to the kingdom,” without being integrated with the whole, without feeling the oneness, nothing would come of it but destruction. They would essentially become an agent of disharmony by default, even without any intention to be so.

Wow. Okay. This opens up a lot of questions.

∞ No doubt.

They may or may not be related-

∞ They are. Continue.

Okay. If what you are saying is true, and the degree to which we are still espousing nihilism and/or compartmentalization is what is keeping us from higher, regular access to the deeper knowledge of our reality, how is it that there is a cabal?

How is it that there is very clearly a hidden, secretive society with our society that “runs the show” in so many ways, that has and continues to be allowed to poison and pollute our air, food, water, and thoughts?

∞ Excellent question. And they are very much related-

-And a chemtrail scars the sky as we discuss. Please continue.

∞ What you are describing is a system that is failing; failing for you, failing for them: this control at the cost of the whole, this denial of oneness cannot be sustained. It is failing because it is unnatural. It’s as simple as that. Nature will prevail, or no life will be able to be supported. But it will not come to that.

In other words, the situation you are describing has worked in this way: nature supports a wide array of expression. And free will is something that is built-in to creation. The challenge, the paradox of that tenet is that those who choose to subjugate free will can have the experience of being supported in that viewpoint. To a degree.

Now, we want to be emphatically clear here. Please read this carefully. Subjugating free will is not harmonic to creation, but the experience of it is, again, to a degree.

So let’s break this down further to elucidate what we mean.

Obviously, if nature, if creation were such that the subjugation of free will were the norm, not only would death and destruction be the default, but you would not even have the concept of free will, because there would be no use for it. It would be a non-applicable concept to the structure of reality. In this sense, the idea of free will – the concept itself – is illuminated by the very existence of its counterpoint.

Now, nihilism/compartmentalization are in a sense interwoven, inter-dependent on each other, in order to even have an experience of one or the other. One must be employing a high degree of compartmentalized thinking in order to have the experience of believing creation itself to be nihilistic, or vice versa. But thinking this doesn’t make it so. It’s a lie that these individuals are telling themselves.

One simple illustration that the experience of compartmentalization is a lie is evident in the lengths to which a liar must go to in order to keep the truth hidden. The lies must be covered with more lies, and those lies must cover more lies, and on and on until the magnitude of falsehoods begins to topple.

This is what your society as a whole is experiencing right now. It is a magnificent, wonderful time. The sandcastles of lies are being washed away by the tide of consciousness. Those who have been living in these sandcastles know it, too. Many are preparing bunkers in hope of  escape. Many believe that somehow they can prevail. But you cannot evade the tide. These people may delay the moment at which the tide reaches them, but it will reach them, because that is nature. And your collective reality has allowed this disharmonious experience to continue for its allotted period. That period has ended.

Wow. This is great stuff.

∞ We are not finished. You will see, if you are not aware of it already, a great purging. Those who have been part of the society of liars will be removed. They will be revealed. Their experiments in disharmony will simply be shut down.

We sense you asking, “doesn’t that violate their free will?“ No. Not in the sense that we mean. Self-delusion is an experience that one is allowed to have within free will, and if they wish to continue that idea, they can, but they will find themselves at odds with society and creation itself in doing so, in ways they have never experienced before.

That is what the “cabal” has had going for them up to this point: your complicit agreement to “play along.” This was done in subtle ways, this manipulative agreement that society made with them.

That has ended.

It is worth noting here as well, even within their perspective of “running the show,” each member had to personally undergo severe trauma, abuse and violence. These methods were designed to create these schisms within the individual, to “set the tone” so to speak, to perpetuate their warped perspective of the nature of reality.

From there, these individuals worked in loose, contentious, tacit agreement with each other in control over the masses, provided that the secrets were kept hidden. But as compartmentalization itself is effectively unnatural, they have been fighting the pull of nature since their inception.

This is why you have “deathbed confessions” and “whistle-blowers” at all. The nature within even these complicit individuals calls to them to do the right thing – to do the harmonic thing; to do “the oneness thing.” Because oneness is the ultimate truth.

And so, let us return to your more personal inquiry: your relation to all of this. Just as it is within those groups, the secret societies and individuals who create and perpetuate these lies of compartmentalization/nihilism and the subjugating of free will, your adherence to any of these perspectives puts you at odds with the tide of nature as well. Obviously, you don’t want that. You can feel that even the participation with these things leads nowhere useful, feels awful, and wastes your most precious resource: your personal time.

So, whenever you become aware of said adherence, verbally, physically and spiritually declare your refusal to participate in them from this point forward. Declare these things personally. Follow through in your actions.

Become aware of the support you are currently giving to the systems built on lies and secrets and fear, and simply walk away from them. You can do this: it is your nature.

This is why “let go and surrender” is such a useful mantra. It reboots you to your default state: being in harmony with all that surrounds you; being in oneness. It allows you to know oneness in thought, word, and deed, and to eschew anything and everything less than harmony.

It is of course up to you. The pace at which you embrace your nature determines how much greater knowing you can access and act upon, as decided by your free will. But make no mistake, the tide is rolling in.