Special Bonus

Want to hear more of what the guides have to say about your most important questions?

Go deeper into the wisdom of the guides with this special bonus for readers of Vibrational Dynamics, at no-cost.

Vibrational Vignettes is a compilation of seven unique session transcriptions with individual clients, each asking the guides fascinating questions, spurring equally compelling answers.

In these sessions, the guides provide illuminating answers to such questions as:

*What is my life purpose?

*Is there anything I can do to express my authentic self in a better way?

*What would be a good first step for me to take in terms of relationships and career?

*If I make a mistake in my choices, how do I deal with that aftermath, emotionally?

*How do I get out of this trap of making the wrong decisions regarding my health?

*Is there anything I can do to make my relationship between me and my parents better?

*And many more…

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