Basement or Penthouse?

It’s been almost a year since my last entry, and what an amazing time of spiritual expansion and intuition and creativity it has been. Rather than attempting to properly and contextually summarize here, I’ll kick off this return to form by diving right in with one particular automatic writing session I experienced recently. I’ve experienced many at this point – in fact, my recently completed screenplay resulted entirely from this evolving practice I’ve been playing with.

If you’re reading this, it’s appropriate to assume that you, like myself, have a vested interest in raising your conscious awareness so as to live more joyfully, more in tune with who we really are, and to let go of old behaviors or patterns in our lives that no longer serve us. Not always an easy task, but certainly a worthy endeavor.

Given that we’re on the same page, if we wish to move to a new, better understanding of ourselves and the personal reality we are creating, we must first begin with a broader understanding of where we are now. In that vein, one might imagine that each “level” of consciousness is its own floor in a high-rise building. Each of us, at any given time, is living our lives one one of these floors – in some cases, believing it’s the only floor. It’s not.

On each floor we find a very compelling, 3-D, surround-sound motion- simulator type movie. We are powerfully enticed to stay there and see where that movie goes, how that story will end. Usually, it never, ever does. Or if it does, another movie of the same style, genre, etc. begins, and we’re enticed to remain and continue. This enticement is relentless and crucial to recognize in order to break free of it and to move to a different floor.

There’s no judgment for which level one is currently on. One level is not inherently “better” than the other. Experiencing the higher levels do allow for a more harmonic, joyful, running-on-all-cylinders-type spiritual experience, but each floor is entirely valid. Each is its own fulfilling experience, in its own way. But you cannot choose another experience until you choose to leave this current one behind. You cannot be on two floors of the building at the same time.

In addition to the compelling allure of an individual floor, each comes with its own set of moods, emotions, feelings, circumstances, and experiences that perpetuate and expand upon only those moods, and emotions, and feelings. Said another way, each floor is a different level of vibration, and is defined by the parameters of that vibration – like  a particular musical note.

Again, all levels are valid, all are okay. But when you realize you’re the only one choosing what floor you currently may be on, and that you can at any time choose any other floor, this is where true empowerment comes. Don’t want to feel anger, for instance? Leave that floor for something that feels better. Understand that if you choose to express anger again, later on, you have (at least temporarily) returned to that lower floor again. You’ve chosen, on some level, to continue to further your experience of the “anger movie,” and you’ll start seeing more expressions of anger and things that perpetuate your own.

To our benefit, we are always being pulled upward by All That Is, as our most natural, default state is unconditional love. If we simply relax, and let go of the desire to resist anything, let go of what may be troubling us, let go of thoughts and patterns that we know don’t serve us,  we find ourselves on or near the top floor, enjoying that movie, where we will feel happy most if not all of the time. Not only that, but these higher floors are also where “the magic” happens. Miracles happen. Manifestations of all that we’ve dreamt of and want to experience happen.

As we might imagine, the lower floors are expressions of fear, pain, suffering, scarcity, and struggle. From this perspective, we can easily see where any individual or a society is operating from. These can be the enticements we are constantly beckoned with.  But we need not join anyone on a floor we no longer wish to experience. Our awareness of where others are at does not require us to participate in such a way.

Put simply, we are not meant to stay on a lower floor (or any floor for that matter) indefinitely. We may stay there all of our physical lives if we choose to, and that is perfectly okay, but we’re not meant to, and we do not have to. It is 100%, utterly, entirely up to us to decide to let go of whatever we are experiencing on that particular floor and move on.

Walk out in the middle of whatever compelling movie or story may be happening there. Get up and leave. Mid-sentence. Don’t stay to “be polite.” Don’t stay out of “duty” or “obligation.” Don’t stay because friends, or parents, or society told us that we should. The moment we realize we are done with that level, Get up and leave it.  The moment we feel done with that job, done with that relationship, done with that experience, done with that old way of thinking, we can leave it behind forever.

Only you can keep you stuck there.

The moment we realize that “feeling stuck” in and of itself is merely a mental projection – a figment of our imagination – that very moment, we can choose to utterly, completely release it and never turn back. We can choose to settle for nothing less than being happy. We can choose to treat ourselves with unconditional love.

No need to concern oneself with how much time was “wasted” on the lower floor. You’ve moved on now, no need to be hard on oneself. Self-judgment is on one of those lower floors – no need to put ourselves back there. We can love ourselves instead; forgive ourselves. We can appreciate the understanding that we brought forth in experiencing the lower floors as long as we chose to. That was and is the only way we can truly move on in a permanent way. In appreciating the lessons we’ve learned, we can’t help but understand how they laid the foundation from which our new happier lives are built.

Appreciate others still choosing to experience those lower floors – they are working things out for themselves in their own time – exactly as each of us does in our own unique way. No two experiences will ever – can ever – be the same. And that’s the point.

All of creation benefits from our unique experiences,  and subsequently – our unique combination of evolving shifts in perspective. Thusly, the universe continues to expand and expand and express itself and ever unfolding diversity.

We can let go of what we are being fed, and choose what information we feed ourselves with. We can let go of what any external source tells us to do – yes, even this one. If we let ourselves simply open and attune to how we feel when receiving any info, we have all the inner guidance we will ever require:

If it feels off or bad – drop it.  It feels good, explore it further.

We all have this inner emotional guidance system, but how often are we consciously making intentional use of it in this way?

Remember, the structure of this experience is such that there is, in every particle, every moment, every experience – that which is wanted, and that which is not wanted. Whatever a person focuses on expands for them. Many people are primarily focused on what is not wanted in their lives. In making a shift away from this mode, we become aware of how many people see life this way. Let them. We do not have to participate in that. No matter who tells us that we do.

Do not push against those who are choosing, whether they realize it or not, the negative or lower floor experiences. If we push against, fight, or complain about them, we join them on that same lower floor. As an example, take two concepts: anti-war and pro-peace. To some, these might seem to be the same thing, but they are not.  Mother Theresa was asked why she would never join an anti-war rally. She responded by saying, “as soon as you have a propeace rally, I’ll be there.” She recognized that crucial difference, and so can we.

Again, no level of consciousness is better than another. All are valid. All are simply choices. Many just don’t realize that they are choices, or more frequently, we get so swept up in the momentum of the movie, we forget that we can walk out.

Every floor of experience, be it basement or penthouse, or any in between, is our choice. Once we know and live this understanding, what we choose our lives to be becomes a matter of intent, and we realize that despite what the surface would suggest, circumstances are irrelevant – only our state of being matters. What state of being would you prefer?

It’s a choice, it’s a choice, it’s a choice.