“You look younger.” I’ve been hearing this recently, from people I haven’t seen since moving back to Los Angeles.   Some of them I haven’t seen in 2 to 6 years, and yet, these are often their first words after recognizing me.   Sure, I could easily attribute this to losing 30+ pounds a year ago, but […]

Find Your Rhythm

I had a wonderful interaction with an older gentleman at the park today.   He was drumming a large bongo on a nearby park bench as I sat to write.   His name is Ronall. I know this, because as he finished with his soulful groove, I thanked him for his musical offering.   He was already beaming, […]

Access Granted

On a recent Tuesday, we witnessed a celestial phenomenon known as the Venus transit, in which Venus crossed between the earth and the sun and gave us a show that we won’t see again for over 100 years.   As staring at the sun is never a good idea, the transit was captured by many in […]

The Diamond in The Rough

I’ve become very selective about the kinds of things I read, listen to, or watch each day.   Listening to positive, uplifting, owning-your-own-power messages is a powerful way to start your day, and aligning with the likes of Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, and of course, my beloved Abraham-Hicks, is a part of my every day […]

Cut Loose Your Anchor

“A ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” One of my favorite spiritual sayings is “let go and trust.”   There’s something so simple in this phrase and yet so amazingly powerful within it, that if we were to understand and embrace it fully in its deepest sense, […]

Spiritual Equilibrium

This past week I had my on-set adventure on the big Sci-Fi movie that I’ve been looking forward to for a while now.    It was a powerful mosaic of amazing experience and challenging contrast; a fusion of that which I wanted, and moments of clarity in knowing where I wish to refine and change and […]

…and Mighty Forces Shall Come to Your Aid

Recently I worked with a good friend on a short film of his.   As he was writing, directing, producing, and starring in it, he was wise to surround himself with a strong team of producers, assistant directors, a skilled Director of photography, and a solid cast.   Virtually all of us were pulling double-duty for the […]

The Spark of Flame

“Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion.   You must set yourself on fire.”    ~Arnold H. Glasow I worked with a friend recently that I hadn’t seen in almost 2 years.   He’s one of those people you meet that you find a quick resonance with, and you seem to skip ahead of the acquaintance phase, directly […]

Face to the Blistering Wind

This week I stepped way outside of my comfort zone.   And in doing so, I experienced a mix of feelings and thoughts that I’ve not encountered since my big shift in perspective back in Austin.   I was met with disappointing results; I had what felt to me like a setback. The thing about momentary setbacks […]

Getting Streamlined

While I was swimming yesterday I received an unexpected blessing -someone’s criticism.   Typically, we recoil from criticism, even if it’s in our own best interest.   Being criticized can trigger all sorts of negative feelings depending on how you’re feeling, your openness to feedback, and your desire to improve and develop yourself – no matter how […]

“You’re Right There.”

The last few days for me have been a spectacular adventure in alignment and purpose so remarkable that I was grinning ear-to-ear almost start to finish.   From Sunday’s powerful day of acting on film to Monday’s chain reaction of high-vibing synchronicities, my jaw is agape in awe of the wonder and the power of aligning […]

The Calm in the Eye of the Storm

In my continuing exploration in refining my habits, I have focused primarily on three areas this week: making use of our emotions as a guidance system, staying positively rooted in the midst of whatever negativity others may offer, and establishing new habits for ourselves, more in line with who we really are and the life […]

Vibrational Vicinity

With so much of what we do being an unconscious series of habits and routines we’ve picked up along the way, I’ve been playing with fine-tuning my vibration- my point of attraction- as it relates to the fine details of what I find myself doing.   In bringing about our own version of massive success, how […]

On Your Own Terms

Last Friday was a great day of auditions.   One was brief, a running spot for a shoe company, which was being held at a location in Manhattan Beach.   It was literally across the street from where my girlfriend and I had enjoyed dinner and played the Abraham-Hicks “money in my pocket” game less than a […]


Something very special has been happening to me lately.   In the last couple of years since my spiritual reawakening, my journey has led me to some interesting places within, and now, it is happening virtually every day.   My development and understanding of vibration has reached a broader, fuller degree of awareness, and I’ve begun to […]

Defusing the Minefield

I discussed a tool last week called pivoting, where in a moment of being aware of negative feelings, one pivots from thinking about the lack of something to focusing on what is wanted.   It has been a very engaging tool for me this week to be sure, and I’ve found it most useful around what […]

Due North or Due South?

The last few days were pretty busy for me, and I found myself very grateful for the strength of my purpose-driven, spiritual viewpoint.   I signed on with several casting networks and services, with more to come, and have begun submitting myself like crazy. I spent yesterday in a state of creative bliss, working on an […]

Instant Gratification vs. Delayed Manifestation

Nowadays we’ve become quite accustomed to the notion of instant gratification.   We are bombarded with content of one  type or another almost incessantly.   Not long ago, we had to be seated in front of a computer or TV or radio to receive this steady stream, but now with smart phones we carry that onslaught with […]

Ready, Fire, Aim

Every day I spend roughly 25 minutes in contemplation.   It varies day to day in the particulars, but the gist is the same- I give thanks and appreciation in specific detail, and ask the Universe for clarity and for the guidance to bring my thoughts into alignment with that which I wish to create and […]