…and Mighty Forces Shall Come to Your Aid

Recently I worked with a good friend on a short film of his.   As he was writing, directing, producing, and starring in it, he was wise to surround himself with a strong team of producers, assistant directors, a skilled Director of photography, and a solid cast.   Virtually all of us were pulling double-duty for the shoot, myself as producer and first A.D.

It was intoxicating.   Even when not on soundstage, there is something about having a group of people and their lights, cameras and equipment focused intently and collectively that creates this different-feeling place that is the set.   And the energy of being on set is magical.   This was no exception.

For me, when I find myself on set, it goes even deeper than that now.   I feel a connection to the universe.   I become aware of myself in the act of living my purpose.   I feel, in whatever task I may be involved in, that I am exactly where I most want to be.

Passion takes over.   Long days become effortless.   And creativity does not pause to consider any doubts or fears – it just acts.   As my friend began to ask for my input early on, he gave me all the “permission” I needed.   Soon I was directing his scenes with more excitement and clarity than I can accurately explain in words.   I was in the zone – I was in the flow – I was aligned with Source.

It was two blissful days of expressing my creative ideas – guiding, shaping, giving for the greatest expression of my friend’s vision.   I loved every second of it.   Time stood still for me, and yet afterwards it felt like it had happened in the blink of an eye.   I wanted to live in that feeling.

And living in that feeling is exactly what I did a few days later.   I booked work on a big-budget Sci-Fi flick (my absolute favorite movie genre) and I was required to go down to one of the major Hollywood studio lots for my costume fitting.   Now, as an actor, whether I am performing in a play or film, one of my most favorite moments during the process is the costume fitting.   No matter what role I may be playing, how far along in my character development I may be, there’s something about putting on your costume – actually leaving your clothes behind and stepping into the clothes of your character that is spellbinding.   Usually it is the moment that snaps the character into place for me.   For an actor, looking in the mirror and seeing the character you’ve been creating looking back at you is a powerful moment.   So, needless to say, I was excited to find out what crazy Sci-Fi costume I’d be wearing for this big movie.

I’ve spoken a lot here about Law of Attraction.   I’ve come to know it, trust it, and use it consciously to create the life I want to live.   But it isn’t effortless.   Sure, the wanting part of the equation is easy.   This life is constantly inspiring within us more and more desires, usually from the jumping-off place of seeing or experiencing things we do not want.   The most challenging aspect by far is allowing what we want to come to us.   Keep in mind we are all using this law with every thought that we think, whether we know this, want to accept it, or not.   So most of us draw forth things unconsciously or worse, attract things we don’t want at all.

A close friend of mine has decided she is going to Stanford.   She doesn’t waste any time or energy with thoughts that don’t line up with that, she simply believes this experience is on its way to her.   And she has found ways to imagine living in that reality by watching Stanford lectures online.   These are filmed live in the classroom, and as she watches them, she imagines being there, and that very room, feeling all she can imagine that experience might feel like to her.   She is allowing it to come to her.   And the more she practices it, the more that becomes reality for her.   Soon, if she keeps this up, and continues to choose this instead of doubt, she will be living the evidence of it.   It is law.   It is the way this universe is set up.   It is the law of attraction in action.   And it isn’t her first time.

With only an intuitive understanding of the law of attraction, she has manifested things against all odds, against all seeming evidence to the contrary, against what many others said were very unrealistic chances.   She ignored them.   She filtered out the noise and knew it would happen, until it actually did.   For someone weighing only slightly more than 100 pounds, when she decides she wants something, she is absolutely unstoppable, and a force to be reckoned with.

So knowing the power of this myself, I planned to milk my own experience for all it was worth.   Before pulling into the studio lot to park, I took a moment to take in the grand entrance, and ponder it a bit.   “I have an appointment here today.   The production team of some big budget movie is expecting me to be here – me specifically – at a certain time.   They are relying on me – relying on my professionalism as an actor – relying on me to keep this facet of their production moving forward smoothly.

As I blew past the guard station and got my visitor pass with barely a few words exchanged – they were expecting me, after all – I took out my map of the lot and stood there in the heat of the sun, taking it all in.   “I’m being paid to be here today.   This massive lot, and all these people running around are here in service of movies – mostly for this movie, and I am a part of it.   I am one of the actors they are working so hard for.”   I walked slowly.

I didn’t need to ask myself how I was feeling – my soul was ablaze: pure exhilaration, grinning ear to ear.   Unabashedly joyful to just be standing there.   And I had only just stepped on the lot.   I found the studio building I was seeking, stepped into the waiting area, and filled out some paperwork. Even the waiting room was a delight, as I studied the sound-proofing along the high walls of this massive soundstage.

The head costumer emerged, and selected me, amongst the group, to be “Security.”   Okay, great!   I’m always playing cops and am frequently asked if I’m in the military.   Sounds like a good fit.   Sounds like fun.

As I try on this costume for the newly selected role I am to play, I could not be more thrilled.   It looks absolutely amazing, fits my physique like a glove, and looks bad-ass.   The character looking back at me in the mirror is not someone you’d want to mess with.   One of the other actors trying on his costume can’t help but say, “I am so jealous of you right now. ”

And then it really sinks in what movie this is.   And I am floored.   I cannot mention its name, due to the confidentiality agreement we signed, but suffice it to say, this is a dream come true.   This is 100 dreams come true.   And I am being paid to live my dream come true.   Even the director just happens to be one of my favorite people in the industry – someone I endeavor to emulate, speak to, work with.   And that dream, at the same time, was now, reality.

My work on the film begins next week.   And you can bet that like my friend’s shoot, and the simple, yet profound experience at the fitting, I will be fully present, soaking up every detail, every feeling.    I plan to milk every second of that timeless moment – living my dream.   And you can be damn sure I’ll be practicing it and playing the delicious bliss of that moment over and over and over again until I find myself living those moments every day.

“The Law of Attraction says: That which is like unto itself is drawn.   And so, the essence of whatever you give your attention to is unfolding in your experience.   Therefore, there is nothing you cannot be, do, or have.”   ~Abraham-Hicks