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On a recent Tuesday, we witnessed a celestial phenomenon known as the Venus transit, in which Venus crossed between the earth and the sun and gave us a show that we won’t see again for over 100 years.   As staring at the sun is never a good idea, the transit was captured by many in an array of photographs, using a variety of different filters.   One of them I came across was a composite of the same photo, presented in varying color filters.

What each of  these colors represents is a specific wavelength within which the photograph was taken.  Most remarkable to me is how the appearance of the sun changes so significantly in the context of each of these different wavelengths. What is clearly evident in one wavelength is completely invisible in another, and vice versa.

Abraham-Hicks refers to this as “vibrational access.”   It’s the idea that we only have access to that which is a match to the vibrational frequency we are vibrating at.   Said another way, the thoughts we are thinking, and what we believe is possible is all we have access to.   We cannot think and believe one thing and expect something else.  It is akin to tuning in to a talk radio station and expecting to hear classic rock – you’re not going to find what you’re looking for.

It is scientific fact that we humans can only see 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum.   One percent!   That’s a good thing for the most part, as we would not want to see the wireless internet signals, radio frequencies, etc. that bombard us every day.   But it makes you wonder, what else is going on around us in that 99% we are not privy to?

So how does this concept of vibrational access apply to our lives?   Ever had the experience of losing something, searching high and low for it to no avail, giving up the search, and then finding it soon after?

Your thoughts are the vibrations you are sending out – the access point from which you view your experience.   So when you can’t find something you’re looking for, and you are feeling its lack,  it doesn’t take long before you attract more resistant thoughts of that same frequency: “Where is it?   It was right here!   I can’t leave without it!   What am I going to do if I can’t find it?   I’m going to be late!” and on it goes.

What happens as a result is that though this item may be very close by, from this vantage point of  “I can’t find it,” that’s the experience you are perpetuating.   It’s often not until you give up the search, declare it lost, and move on to something else, that you actually find it, usually someplace you’ve already searched.   Why?   Because in giving up the search, you’ve released the resistant thoughts you were generating.   You’ve let go of the lack of having the item, and now have vibrational access to it again.

Obviously, this translates into much bigger experiences as well, dictated by how we are feeling, and what we expect to find from that viewpoint.   In my experience, I’ve found that depending on my mood, I have access to one set of thoughts versus another.

For instance, if I’m feeling a bit off, I have experiences that match that feeling, that attraction point.   I never like to stay there for long, especially knowing that I am creating it – I’m attracting it all to me.   The interesting thing is that when I have returned to my predominant positive perspective, I often can’t even remember what negative thoughts I had been thinking before.   I know I had them, but the details have been lost.   I no longer have access to them from this new vibrational vantage point.

Naturally, as these types of experiences occur, it begs the question: what experiences are we denying ourselves access to unconsciously?   What have we been blocking from entering our lives because we’ve been thinking thoughts of its lack?   What experiences do we want to be having that we are just not opening ourselves up to?

I have, in the past year, experienced massive changes for the better.   They have happened quickly and steadily, and my life is very different from where it was before this shift.   My understanding of this is ever-evolving, and I know the further I go, the wider the range of experiences I open myself to.   I know, in the same manner as these massive spiritual changes have come over me, that all other areas of my life are following suit.

+ In making it my most important mission to feel good no matter what I may be doing, I find joy everywhere, even in places I would have never expected it to be previously.

+ I have released fear and anxiety around money, and without struggling for it, find myself with plenty of it, with more on its way to me right now.

+ I have let go of the years of pursuit and struggle and searching to find the ideal romantic relationship, and in doing so, have found the perfect person for me, all that I ever wanted in a person and more, right in front of me.

With all of these wonderful shifts happening, massive change becomes the new set frequency.   What we expect for ourselves becomes broader.   Sudden “jumps” into something spectacular can become the new normal, the extraordinary routine.   Only we can give ourselves the vibrational access to them – and it begins with choosing the better-feeling thought, and feeling appreciation for where we are and where we are going.

“Half the time, or better than half the time, when you think you’ve taken a wrong turn, a door opens that is a better door. It’s a new door you didn’t have access to before, because you were so oriented in the other direction. The majority of things you are beating yourself up about are things that are being answered by the Universe!”      ~Abraham-Hicks

Last Modified on June 3, 2017
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