Here’s that page where I’m supposed to write something about myself that tells you about me, something that isn’t trite, or cliché. Something unique that you’ve somehow never heard before. Something that would be generally pleasing for all who may come to read it, and yet something that is written in my authentic voice, without sounding egotistical, self-centered, or full of shit. Are you still reading? You mean I actually need to go through with this cutesy little game? Seriously?

Very well.

I am a guy who doesn’t have all the answers. I am a guy who is learning as he goes. I am a guy that is absolutely enamored with the idea of living this life as the greatest version of me, and changing that self-defined concept along the way. I am someone who has dared to look deep into my own choices, conscious and “unconscious,” and to take ownership of them all. I am someone who is in process.

I am someone who is actively engaged in personal development and releasing self-imposed limitations.  I am someone who treats fear as a friend and a teacher, and someone who naturally wants to serve others who are seeking their own self-realization and self-actualization. I am an actor, a writer, a transformational speaker, an intuitive counselor, and a channel. This website is where my soul speaks, for those who wish to hear.